A history of aboriginal violence


Originally published September 15, 2019.

Anna Charlotte

There’s never not a time when the “oppression” of Indigenous people is not a hot topic. Like the 24/7 propaganda blasted from every media outlet, white guilt over Aboriginal “marginalisation” is forced down our throats just like globohomo and race mixing.

It is true; Aborigines have been tortured, murdered, raped, enslaved, you name it (as with every other ethnicity on the planet). What they don’t tell you is Aborigines themselves are responsible for the oppression of their own people, and it’s the leftists who help squash them down even further.

The Original Australians, by Jospehine Flood.

Long before the arrival of the First Fleet, Aborigines were conquering and enslaving each other for millennia. Physical abuse and sexual violence is deeply rooted in their culture and traditions. Take “chookardoo” or “mullawongah” boy-wives, a form of homosexual intercourse between Aboriginal men and boys. Or “promised brides”, where a girl is promised to a man, usually much older than herself, and is “trained” to be a wife (it goes without saying what happens here). Josephine Flood details in her book, The Original Australians, the common practice of male elders taking a girl out into the desert, cutting the vulva with a stone knife and then raping her. These are only three such examples of the many, many more disturbing traditions within the Indigenous communities.

Even after the arrival of the First Fleet, the early settlers documented the violence they saw within the Aboriginal tribes. They witnessed men kidnapping women, raping and forcing them to become their wives. It was common to see Aboriginal men bashing their wives across the head, sometimes so hard they would be left for dead on the ground. It was also noted that almost every single woman’s head was covered in scars from these bashings.

This, however, goes against the politically correct narrative of the Indigenous people because white-man-this and white-man-that. So it’s no surprise this information is heavily suppressed. Much of what is being taught in our schools and universities is based on myths, hearsay, and unsubstantiated claims. The blatant lies about their so-called “rich” history have been fabricated by Aboriginal activists who profit immensely off taxpayer money, peddled further by modern-day historians with a Marxian bias.

Throwing money at the problem is the default solution, but it is essentially putting a band-aid over a bullet wound and never addresses the root cause of the violence. Worse still, the money that is showered onto the Indigenous communities is pocketed by those at the top and rarely, if ever, reaches those at the bottom who desperately need help.

To rub salt in the already festering wound is the ever increasing number of SJW’s (i.e. self hating whites), captive to the myth of the noble savage, whose cries of outrage muffle the desperate cries of the Aboriginal women and children stuck in the cycle of violence with no escape. Thanks to cultural relativism, the gang-raping of pre-pubescent girls is ignored by leftists and mainstream media. To them, it doesn’t actually count as sexual exploitation because it is found within traditional Aboriginal environments and therefor it is permissible.

But let’s continue to throw billions of dollars their way and say sorry every year for having the hide to try and stamp out rampant sexual violence.