Just Accept that the Faux Pope wants to Destroy Tradition


Over at The Saker there is a recent article examining the ongoing conflict in the Ukraine and the effect that it is having on the main two combatants as well as the nations obediently lined up behind the USA. One of the more interesting observations for me was the following passage describing the attempt by Western propaganda to raise a new generation of Russians that would have been more loyal to the West than their own homeland.

Starting well over 30 years ago, Western NGOs set to corrupting the minds of Russia’s young. No effort was spared to denigrate the value of Russian culture, to falsify Russian history and to replace them both with Western pop culture and propaganda narratives. These initiatives achieved limited success, and the USSR, and Soviet-era culture, has remained ever-popular even among those who were too young to have experienced life in the USSR firsthand. Where the damage has been most severe is in education. Excellent Soviet-era textbooks that taught students how to think independently were destroyed and replaced with imports. These were at best useful for training experts in narrowly defined fields who can follow previously defined procedures and recipes but can’t explain how these procedures and recipes were arrived at or to create new ones. Russian teachers, who saw their job not just in educating but in bringing up their students to be good Russians who love and cherish their country, were replaced by Western-trained educationalists who saw their mission as providing a competitive, market-based service in bringing up qualified, competent… consumers!

An attack on the traditions and history of a nation is a direct attack on the nation’s soul, and its soul is the heartbeat that keeps it going from one generation to the next, and which connects all of those generations with loyalty, love and appreciation for the sacrifices that prior generations made on behalf of those who are to come in the future.

We in the West are unfortunately all too familiar with these destructive psy-ops style assaults on ourselves through the denigration and demonisation of our own ancestors. In addition, the implication is that those of us alive today are irredeemably tainted and not to be trusted in our own nations, a large part of why so much effort has been made to replace us with foreign invaders.

Our enemies understand all too well the importance of tradition, which is why they take every opportunity to both attack it and to poison it in the minds of the young generations. The Church itself began this process in the 1960s with the overturning of the Mass and its replacement by a supposedly better and more modern version. The new mass not only severed the spiritual connection for many people, it also severed the connection to tradition and all of those who had worshiped before us. Thus, it is both a spiritual and a physical assault.

Writing in Crisis Magazine, Darrick Taylor ponders why the modern Catholic Church is so antagonistic to the Traditional Latin Mass. His conclusion is that this is driven by guilt and shame from the Church’s collaboration with the Fascist regimes of the twentieth century. In other words, the attack is politically motivated.

Some of these theologians fell under suspicion by Rome or their own religious orders in the 1930s and ’40s, several being disciplined by them as well. Not only Rome, but bishops in general could be quite authoritarian (they still can be, obviously) in the way they treated clergy prior to Vatican II. One suspects this is why so many clergy engaged in the throwing off of old customs after the council, or in some cases, their outright destruction. To some, it must have seemed like they were destroying the symbols of a corrupt regime.

I say this because many of the theologians disciplined before the war associated this authoritarian approach to governance with fascism or other forms of tyranny.

The majority of the theologians that he mentions were either Freemason plants or were at least heavily influenced by them. These men entered the Church with the intent to destroy it from the inside. Attempting to label them with airy-fairy political motivations that were somehow understandable given the context of their times is ridiculous.

They attacked then and their forebears attack today the arc of traditional Catholic worship and history as well as all of those who came before us because they acutely grasp its importance. If it wasn’t critical to their aims then they wouldn’t be attacking it. And their aim is the destruction of the Church as a spiritual bastion against Satan in this world. They wish to turn it into the leading point of a “world religion” in a world bereft of spirituality, a bastardization and mishmash of Christianity, Judaism and Islam, with a sprinkling of Hindu thrown in for good measure. That is what they are trying to do.

You don’t meet such an attack with tortured attempts to grasp for meaning as if your attackers had some measure of good intent. You meet it by understanding the war in which we are in, by valuing and protecting tradition, by protecting the young generations from the enemy’s propaganda, and not least of all by going for their throat. That is what Russia is doing right now; its parliament only this week ratifying a law that makes it illegal to disseminate any homosexual propaganda within the nation. And in the very same week, the pretend pope launched a racial tirade against Russia:

Ukraine’s people are being “martyred,” Pope Francis said in the interview, conducted last week at the Vatican. “Generally, the cruelest are perhaps those who are of Russia but are not of the Russian tradition, such as the Chechens, the Buryati [sic] and so on. Certainly, the one who invades is the Russian state. This is very clear.”

The faux pope attempts to appeal to Russian tradition while simultaneously engaged in destroying the Catholic tradition which a real pope would do his utmost to protect. He knows its importance which is why it is a constant feature of his possession of Peter’s chair. Our own side would do well to accept his intentions as what they plainly are. Until we come to such a realisation then even if we prevailed this time we would still eventually lose.

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