The Absolute Answer Is Wrong


Liberalism likes the absolute answer, it likes the idea that near at hand is an answer that will completely solve a problem. But that answer is always wrong, just as all universal answers, also known as a panacea, must be. Because most of life at every level is not about solving problems but about managing them. Most problems don’t go away, they might take a rest, but they come back, they recur. Some never let up, they never go away even for an instant. So the idea that there exists an absolute answer can be very appealing.

Whenever there is a gun crime the call goes out to ban all guns, Covid-19 we were told could be eliminated, Climate Change can be solved as long as we do as we are told. We are also told that domestic violence, bullying, racism, transphobia will be shown zero tolerance. For issue after issue the idea is pushed that there exists an absolute answer. That these issues not only can be solved but will be solved. That these issues will disappear. Liberalism has all the answers, including the ultimate answers.

Most people still believe in the traditional place of man, that we are mere mortals who in the old language are ‘fallen’, but in the new language are ‘messed up’. We are so prone to mistake and misdeed that the idea that we are capable of being perfect is ridiculous. But right there is also its appeal, the idea that we can go from misfits to being the masters of the universe, that we can go from mere mortal to God. Liberalism believes in the absolute answer because like all of the ideologies it believes that man can and will become God.

That gives it the confidence to be able to believe in absolute answers. No problem is too much for a God to solve. If Climate Change is a problem because we accidently changed the climate, no problem, all you need to do is to be able to change the climate on purpose. Change the entire climate by controlling the temperature. Why shouldn’t a God be able to do that?

That is their solution to all problems and the fact that you and I don’t agree, well that just means that we are the problem and not the solution. Which justifies why they think of us so badly and why they feel justified in doing whatever it takes to win. In doing whatever it takes to beat us. But we must always remember that what they want and what they believe is insane and that we are right to oppose them and their absolute answers.

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