It’s all fake and gay, all of it


Francis Berger has written an excellent piece which raises the question of martyrdom in the coming times and exactly which hill to die upon will Christians choose if the fake pandemic was not enough for them.

Even more to the point, how do you envision the hill that will finally motivate you to your martyrdom?

Must be one hell of a hill. Probably makes a molehill of Everest.

Here’s the thing. I don’t think your chance at martyrdom will arrive. Moreover, though Christian persecution is very real in many countries and regions around the world, that sort of thing will probably not emerge in the West for the simple reason that Christians present no real threat to the System.

On the topic of what hill to die on, there is no hill to die on as far as I’m concerned.

Francis is correct as to the effect of the birdemic on the Church and congregations, how the many accepted the humiliations without a murmur. But that was simply a revealing of what was already there, of the great fakeness that permeated everything; of the great cowardice of the many; of their horror at anyone reacting even vaguely in that moment as one of the disciples would most certainly have done.

Those many and the churches are not living under God’s law. Now we know for sure so we can rejoice in having some very unhealthy illusions shattered. They are lost and they do not want to be saved, that much is clear to me. They have their hill and they are already dead on it.

This age is a fresh start for me personally. The veils have been lifted and I don’t need to concern myself with things that I care not to change. I simply need to ensure that each day I do my best to live under His laws. And slowly I am finding the small number of fellow travelers who act in a similar fashion.

And nobody cares about us, not really. We are no real threat to them because we do not want what they have and we do not care to receive what they offer. And my faith is of the spirit so what can they do to me? Cut me off from their world? Okay, no big deal. I’ve had worse in my time. I find myself now with a steel resolve that did not exist in this form before the events of the last two years.

It’s like all of the pearl clutching and frantic bag waving at the sheer awfulness of the Church attempting to bulldoze away the traditional Latin mass. I read the other day that they now want to stop priests from learning it. Ramp up the outrage; oh, the horror. Oh, the humanity.

Who gives a shit? If you want to learn the Latin mass then go and learn it. If you want to participate in a Latin mass then there’s a pretty long list of places where you can go and those churches care not one whit about what rubbish comes out of Rome.

But that’s the thing, isn’t it. Those reacting with outrage want to live under the umbrella of Rome while still being allowed to practice their rites. They act as if Rome still matters so very much. And Rome knows that they matter because of all of the outrage in response to their next bit of heresy. So they’re all still very much of this world, they just can’t let it go.

It’s done. Move on, be content with your sure knowledge of things. We’re not being persecuted, we’re just being forced to choose whether or not we’re really in this for real or if we’re just faking it like almost everyone else has been doing. The great fake pandemic exposed the great fakeness and rot that underlines everything. For the love of God, they’re still wearing masks in church here in Italy and there is no holy water in the fonts. Why? Because the government said so, and so they all go along with it.

And this is the Church that you still want to give blessing to your desire to practice the TLM? Please. Oh, I know – let’s have another long argument about which fake pope is less fake than the other one.

Wakey wakey, hand off snakey. No more bullshit. Things are not the way that they once were so stop wishing for the clock to go back in time. It’s over. Time to begin.

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