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Some off the cuff humor. Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

A week or so ago Steve Bannon, Former White House Chief Strategist for President Trump and former executive chairman of Breitbart News, was arrested and charged with money laundering and conspiracy.

Imagine my shock that a former investment banker for Goldman Sachs who went on to run “the most pro-Israel site in the United States of America” (i.e. Breitbart) has been crowd-funding for border wall shekels only to reportedly having pocketed a significant portion of said shekels.

This from the same guy purporting to be a thought leader for Christian Nationalists whilst stating:

What was that turn of phrase about robbing Peter to pay for obscene luxurious living (or something)?

This isn’t the first time that some G.O.P. huckster has been hounded when some detestable Democrat got a hold of the White House.

For example when Barack Obama’s DOJ went after Zionist street sh-tter Dinesh D’souza for campaign finance fraud Dinesh quadrupled down on his schtick that “duh Dems R duh reel NutZees”.

Little has changed with this formula amongst cuckservative republicans over the years and the DR3 meme has only reinforced the rise of Dark Brandon. It has worked to such a degree that Finkelthink has primed the American political landscape to be a coast to coast blood-sport for grifters to exploit.

When you claim to be “retarded” yet have the calculating capacity to engage in a one-to-one mutual praise interview with Steve Bannon on a multi-million dollar media network, whilst repeatedly stressing you oppose all violence (particular in Washington around the Capitol), as you tell your loyal audience to buy ten copies of your latest book to drive it up on the Amazon charts (whilst judo flipping multiple civil defamation suits into rhetorical ammo for high pressure sales tactics) then I’d say the “retarded” assertion lacks congruity.

Food For Thought.

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