Food For Thought – Reset The Mind Puts The Future In Rewind

A war of Information and Disinformation. Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher.

Recently I’d perused through a department store book titled ‘Facts and Other Lies’ written by establishment leftist Ed Coper whose affiliations include GetUp and

Through the concluding Part 5 of the book Coper speaks to the truism espoused by P. T. Barnum that “there is no such thing as bad publicity” by outlining how the amplification of the ‘Streisand Effect’ (via social media engagement and the MSM’s coverage of “participatory disinformation”) has helped propel certain agents of disinformation to the forefront of the public discourse.

One of these notable agents mentioned in Coper’s book is Alex Jones, who is regularly and consistently provided viral Google News alerts presenting him as the ostensible face of “far right extremism”, “White supremacy” and “opposition to the establishment”.

If these characterisations are legitimate then why, given Coper’s analysis, does the establishment persist in putting Jones at the top of MSN media aggregation coverage?

Firstly it should be noted that if America were “80% Brown in 30 years” it would hardly have the ability to know how to use guns safely, raise low time preference high IQ families, have the capability to go to the stars, comprehend a system of ethics that embraces freedom and thusly reject slavery.

In saying that, Jones presents us with a couple of ways of interpreting his rhetoric. He’s either “kind of retarded” (his words), operating a grift with the “relentless intention to disinform” (as Coper would say), or Jones is a highly calculated political magician conjuring up “conspiracy theories” to tactically take down oppositional cabals.

Or perhaps he is a combination of all three.

The recent Sandy-Hook school shooting defamation trial that saw Jones get hit with a $65.4 million AUD in damages apparently stemmed (at least according to Jones) from a narrative fed to him by Jewish psychiatrist Steve Pieczenik, who has consulted for the United States Department of State and RAND Corporation.

Pieczenik also served as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), a chief executive officer of Strategic Intelligence Associates and worked in conjunction with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Trust a kosher spook to inject information that lends credence about a Jewish primary school kid never having existed, whilst nullifying any attempt to call out a bigger fraud than Bernie Madoff.

It’s these sorts of overlapping sources as to why I’ve previously speculated on the modus operandi of Alex Jones and InfoWars.

Jones’ latest book ‘The Great Reset: And the War for the World’, which appears to have done booming pre-sale orders, ostensibly seems to provide his guerrilla “Information warriors” a declaration of Mind War whereby “a definition of the problem and identification of its participants, as well as a proposal for [collective] victory” are stipulated.

The question is, does Jones’ diagnosis of the disease direct collective participation (in wresting present control of the past) away from Talmudic Tyranny or into another shitshow used to bolster establishment repression?

Food for thought.

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