Carnival, Bloody Carnival


From Patriotic Alternative.

Marcus Crassus

Notting Hill Carnival, an event of which is no stranger to controversy, is often lauded as an example of the country’s “diversity”; a celebration of culture imported from the once new world to enrich our supposed stagnant and pale culture, a reflection of old white men.

It has a dark underbelly; behind the scenes you will find sexual debauchery, extreme violence and general criminality. Yes you will find dancing, music and colourful clothing, but this is all that the Regime generally deems worth sharing of the carnival; I see such worship of these events whilst our own ethnic-traditions become forlorn to be a grand symptom of the Regime’s constant attempt to deracinate the host population and move towards its eventual destruction wholly.

Its streets are adorned with blood and the spoils of gang-warfare: a pavement painted red with turmoil, laughter replaced with cries of anguish as another stabbing takes place – Notting Hill Carnival certainly has no haemophobia.

A 21-year-old rapper was stabbed at the event, among a litany of many other grotesque offences (we’ve even seen attendees climbing onto a roof of what looks like a cafe and twerking on it until the roof eventually collapses underneath, I wonder where this places such people on a podium for a Darwin award?), ranging from drug use to sexual assaults; as you can see from the image below, the attendees of the Carnival are not concerned about being “environmentally friendly”, I wonder where this sits with those of the left, who work tirelessly to promote multiculturalism and debase ethno-centrism, typically framing it as “anti-racism” to disarm Whites from having any kind of in-group-preference or distinct cultural interests.

I’ve found the following list of arrests:

  • 36 x possession of drugs
  • 5 x criminal damage
  • 27 x public order
  • 46 x assault
  • 8 x sexual assault
  • 33 x possession of an offensive weapon

And a variety of other crimes.

Recently, we’ve also seen similar troubles at Reading Festival; the trails of dance moves quickly become the smoke and fire of an inferno, and the thumping of subwoofers becoming a whimper as tents are set ablaze in a seemingly nihilistic flaring of tempers; it is as if a celebration became a morbid ritual.

We must revitalise our culture, we must innovate anew, we must re-energise and inspire; and build a bastion of culture that puts the “enriching” examples to shame and we must challenge such degenerate behaviour through being the utmost upstanding citizens we can: this can be achieved through resilience, perseverance and authenticity; its thinking must be genuine, its movements must be fluid and its speech must be challenging and encouraging, need I say any more?