Trump And The New Watergate


Politically the other President that President Trump resembles the most is President Kennedy, they were both Classical Liberals. But to the broad Left he resembles President Nixon, a figure that they love to hate, just like President Trump.

On the 8th August 2022 the FBI raided President Trump’s home in Florida and the question has been, why?

Officially the answer has been that he took documents, including classified documents, from the White House when he left office. In the discussions that have taken place since the raid it seems that the law isn’t as clear as it should be, as every President since 1977, when the law was passed has had this exact same issue. Apart from President Trump no search warrants have been sought or given and no FBI raids have been conducted, so why is this different?

Because the broad Left want President Trump to have his Watergate moment. When President Nixon was forced to resign, which was humiliating and it was the end of his political career, he effectively vanished from the scene and it was years before he reappeared and years more before his reputation was repaired. President Trump however has not gone away and everything that they hate about him is still around. If he had a Watergate moment whereby he was forced to admit that he was wrong, then he would lose his reputation and be forced by public opinion to disappear from public sight. The raid seems to be part of that agenda, just as going after his supporters and those who worked for him has been.

But why do they hate him so much?

  • He used to be one of them and you’re not allowed to leave the cult
  • He turned against President Obama
  • He sided with the Republicans
  • He was rich
  • He was only allowed to be famous because he was entertaining and he got above his station
  • He said things that are not allowed to be said in polite society anymore, things that they feel should be illegal to say
  • He demonstrated that there was a lot more resistance to their ideas than they ever imagined
  • He became the figurehead of the resistance to their ideas
  • He refused to understand that he wasn’t in charge
  • He said that the people who cheated in the election, cheated
  • He has refused to go away
  • He continues to inspire people through his rallies
  • He continues to say things that they believe should be illegal to say
  • He keeps hinting that he will rerun for President
  • Ironically they hate him because they can’t stop thinking about him

If something is found and he can be charged with a criminal offence, even a minor one, then they can disqualify him from office and call him a crook. If you remember they tried this when he was President with their constant impeachment threats. Which means that this might be a fishing expedition where law enforcement ‘fish’ for evidence, maybe they get a ‘bite’ and maybe they don’t but you won’t find out if you don’t go fishing.

Many are now suggesting that this raid has been a foolish move, that it has energised President Trump and his base. However the raid was designed to reenergise the Left’s base, to get them excited that his days may be numbered and to remind them that he exists. Hilary Clinton is already using this to raise funds. I also wonder if this is designed to get him to run, either because they believe that by hook or by crook that they can beat him, or to force the oxygen out of other Republican candidates.

What is clear is that no other former President has been raided and that this highlights the way that the law and law enforcement has been corrupted. It also puts a spotlight on why people are losing their trust in government and in the institutions of government. Both of which can only lead to a dark and dangerous place.

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