They Fear The Rosary


An article in The Atlantic titled, “Guns and Rosaries”, has led to a fair amount of outrage among writers and broadcasters in this corner of the internet. This has left me scratching my head in confusion. As far as I’m concerned, the article is the best thing that I have come across in some time. I read it with glee. Every word gave me a sense of joy. The writer’s very unsubtle attempts to instil fear in his audience of this awful hidden army of gun toting Catholic Rosary soldiers was pure manna from heaven for yours truly. Even better was the overall objective of the article, which is to paint the Rosary itself as something suspicious and to be demonised. Man, that part was just great. I really, really dug that bit.

They fear the Rosary. And the fear us because we are using it.

Please tell me what’s not to like about that? For a start it means that our dedication to the Rosary is producing discernible results. For decades they have mocked the Rosary but now they openly fear it. Which means they must now attack it. But anything that they attack turns to gold, while the things that they promote turn to shit. Their targets inevitably turn to gold because the cool kids will be attracted to it for the sole reason alone that the powers that be hate it.

I love that part, I really do. And I love it because they can never resist falling into the same trap over and over again, even when they are aware of it. Because jugaloos just gotta jugaloo as Sev is fond of stating. They’re trapped within their own system. They know that openly attacking something like the Rosary is a bad idea for them but at the same time they also are forced to do it because if they don’t then some other progressive ally will beat them to the punch. Can’t have that happening, comrades. Hopefully we will have a whole bunch of copycat articles appear in the near future as the progressives rush to get on board with the new cool thing to bash.

My local Sedevacantist priest is a devout user of the Rosary, and he was delighted to discover that I also am of the same bent. He told me that when he was a priest in the SSPX, he was actively discouraged from praying the Rosary by his superiors as they told him that it was a waste of time as well as being old fashioned. This attitude helped him in making the decision to leave the SSPX and become a Sedevacantist priest.

This aversion to the Rosary from the Catholic Church itself goes back decades. I wrote about it several months’ ago in a piece titled, “Red Meat & Rosaries”. Now we have an outright attack on the Rosary from a major mainstream publication. Which means that it’s working, lads. So celebrate the publishing of that piece with a healthy mixture of joy and glee. Spread it around if you will. Get people asking themselves, why are they now attacking the Rosary?

Hopefully a good few of them will understand that they attack it because it’s true, it works and it wounds them. And then we can only pray that they themselves then start praying the Rosary on a daily basis. And finally, we can pray for our enemies such as the author of that piece, that they will one day have their own epiphany and turn to God. For that writer is doing God’s work, he just doesn’t know it yet.

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