Chinese jets buzz Taiwan: Sadly, they missed Pelosi


I don’t know why the Chinese bothered to send jets into Taiwanese waters in response to Nancy Pelosi’s visit to the island. Surely they know all they have to do is spike the liquor cabinet.

Has anybody considered that sending Pelosi to Taiwan is an indication that America is not serious about defending Taiwan? The woman is a trainwreck:

After becoming the first US speaker to visit Taiwan in more than 25 years, Nancy Pelosi left Taiwan on Wednesday with a message of support, but not long after, China made good on its threat to escalate tensions.

Ms Pelosi finished her visit by assuring Taiwan of US support, but her visit had already courted Beijing’s wrath.

That wrath was shown later on Wednesday as Chinese military aircraft crossed the median line of the Taiwan Strait in an escalation of military activities, mere hours after Ms Pelosi left Taiwan.

Twenty-seven aircraft buzzed the Taiwan Strait, with 22 crossing the median line.
Neither side’s aircraft normally cross the median line, which is 12 nautical miles from the Taiwan coast.

The latest Chinese mission included 16 Chinese Su-30 fighters and 11 other jets, Taiwan’s Defence Ministry said.

In response, Taiwan’s military said it scrambled jets to warn off the Chinese aircraft.

Earlier on Wednesday, Taiwan said some of China’s planned military exercises this week were to take place within Taiwan’s 12 nautical mile sea and air territory, an unprecedented move that National Defence Ministry Captain Jian-chang Yu described as amounting to a blockade of the island.

China had ramped up its rhetoric prior to Pelosi’s visit, with some commentators suggesting it could be the spark for war. Sadly, this does not appear to be the case, although military exercises can always become a lot more…. serious…. very quickly.

China regularly sends jets into Taiwanese airspace in order to degrade the island’s defences through attrition. As America continues its decline into demographic replacement, industrial atrophy and social decline, all China has to do is keep up the pressure.

There will come a point when the White men who still comprise the majority of Western military forces, despite the globalists’ best efforts to diversify the ranks, will question why they are dying for their country when they no longer have a country to defend. The biggest battles of World War 3 will be lost without firing a shot.

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