Abolishing Women

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Over at Adventures in Keeping House there is this article Hello Fellow Menstruaters, where by Sanne has this to say:

It’s been quite some time since I started noticing that American health websites when dealing with topics such as pregnancy or cycles or anything female-related are purposefully avoiding to use the word woman.

For instance, it’s a “pregnant person” or “persons who menstruate” or even “persons capable of pregnancy” but menstruator just takes the cake!

This idea that women don’t exist has actually been around for a long time. Recently it has gotten a big boost with the Trans Ideology. But it certainly didn’t start there and if allowed to progress it won’t finish there.

All Traditional societies have exactly the same view, men and women exist, no other sex exists and men and women are both vital components in society existing in the past, in the present and in the future. That was our society’s view up until the past fifty years or so. What happened?

Liberalism happened, helped along by its handmaidens Feminism and the Trans Ideology. Liberalism is a lot older than 50 years old, but it is the base upon which the abolishment of women stands. It believes that society was created by individuals, that each person created society by their individual decisions. Traditionally the view has been that society was created by families bonding together to form larger political groupings. Liberalism rejects that view and instead the individual creates society, but society also restricts the individual. It puts in place rules, artificial rules, that stop the growth of the individual. So the creator of society is also oppressed by society, the thing that it created. Which means that for people to be free, then these artificial rules themselves need to be abolished.

Once people are freed from these rules then the Autonomous Individual can arise, a self made person unrestrained by the artificial rules that society once imposed. This Autonomous Individual can change anything about themselves that they like, including their sex. Now if you’re thinking that that is insane, then you’re right, but it is the ultimate objective of Liberalism. The Autonomous Individual unstrained by artificial rules.

This idea has been around for at least two centuries, so it’s not a new idea. But most Liberals and their fellow travellers don’t think about the end goal, most don’t even understand that there is an end goal. But they do follow the logic of Liberalism and they do make sure that they are on the fashionable side of politics.

Feminism has three main trains of thought:

  1. Men and women are equal and interchangeable.
  2. Men are defective and women are superior.
  3. Men and women don’t really exist, only people exist

Feminism is not its own philosophy, it is simply Liberalism applied to the lives of women. Feminism has always tried to push the idea that women are no different to men and at the same time argue that men oppress women. Just as society oppresses the individual. You might have noticed that 1 and 3 share a great deal in common, because 1 leads to 3. The differences between men and women are at first downplayed and over time denied. We see this denial all around us. Many young people believe that women are just as strong as a man, even though common sense and your own eyes will tell you otherwise. But of course we are constantly told to ignore our own experiences and instead to believe what we are told.

Feminism has gone out of its way to deny that women exist. They insist that there should be no notice taken in recruitment, in education, they have even insisted that women should all be addressed as Ms. Many people will tell you that it’s about fairness, but where do these ideas lead?

They lead to the idea that women don’t really exist, only non-descript people exist.

Which leads to gender – people do not have genders, people are biological creatures which mean that we have sexes, either a male sex or a female sex. Gender is not a new fashioned word for sex, it is a completely new word for a completely new concept. That concept is that people can choose to be whoever they want to be, Autonomous Individuals. Sex does not change, it is immutable, unchanging. But as gender is a social construct then it can be changed. That is the difference between sex and gender and while we have it pushed down our throats it is simply another lie.

Which leads on to the Trans Ideology. Trans is the next step in Liberalism’s war against us and reality. If the Autonomous Individual is to come into being then every other type of person has to be abolished. Only the Autonomous Individual can live in the future because they are the only type of person who has shown their complete and total loyalty. Trans further pushes the line, asking the question “what is a women?”

Do women really exist?

Why are they asking this question instead of “do men exist?”

Because men might get violent, but women are unlikely to get violent. However while it is women’s turn today you can be certain that in the future men will also have this lie pushed onto them. The idea is to reduce us all into Autonomous Individuals. To remake society into what they want, not into what we want because they believe that once we live in a world of Autonomous Individuals then we will have achieved perfection. A world without war, hate or discrimination.

But of course if this is allowed to continue we will not live in that world. Instead we will live in a Transhuman world, whereby people will be created by artificial means. Artificial sperm inserted into articial wombs. They will be bred without any parent but the government who they will be dependant upon their entire life.

Men and women are life, they are both vital to the continuance of human existence. Liberalism is not. For the human race to continue to exist Liberalism must not exist.

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