“Son of the bitch”: Chinks insults Wog who insulted Xi JINPING in Sydeny


I don’t care about any of these people. None of them belong in my country. (Also, what are you talking about? That’s how it’s spelt nowadays.)

It is pretty funny though:

“Son of the bitch”.

I can’t stop laughing at it. The old Chinese guy has a point though. It’s free speech and Australian values. If a wog can hold up a sign saying “Fuck Xi Jinping” in a part of Sydney full of foreign Chinese people, then the old Chinese man should be allowed to swear back at him regardless of whether or not he fully grasps adopted American idioms.

It’s what the Anzacs fought for:

A political activist and Queensland senate hopeful has snapped back after sparking fury at a Sydney protest where he held a sign that said ‘F**k Xi Jinping’.

Taking to a busy shopping strip in the northwest suburb of Eastwood – which has one of Sydney’s highest Chinese populations – the 20-year-old sparked an angry reaction from bystanders who called him a “motherf**ker” and “son of a b**ch”.

No, he very clear said “son of the bitch”. It’s a freaking pisser.

Pavlou claims there was also an attempt to smash his photographer’s camera. They have since made a statement to the police in regards to the “assault”.

Pavlou claims there was also an attempt to smash his photographer’s camera. They have since made a statement to the police in regards to the “assault”.

Speaking with 2GB’s Ben Fordham on Monday morning, Drew Pavlou defended his actions and said he was “intimidated” by bystanders and labelled them as “fascists”.

“How many times do you see signs at the climate rallies (that say f*** Sco Mo)?” said the senate candidate.

“No one gets attacked when they put up a sign like that, no one gets charged by police.”

He’s actually got a point. People have been insulting conservatives and Anglos for years and we all just sit back and take it, thinking that if enough people see that we are easygoing, reasonable people, things will just naturally fall our way without us having to do anything.

And then you get the Chinese.

In Shanghai, the government has obviously watched The Hunger Games and decided it sounds like a fun thing to do. They are currently rolling out electrified barbed wire across the entire city, turning a city of 30 million people into a giant open air gulag. People are banging pots from their balconies and insulting the people putting the fences up, but they’re just shrugging it off and telling anyone who complains to call a hotline that nobody answers.

Entire families are throwing themselves off balconies, people are starving and old grannies are quite literally being carted away.

It’s off to the dimsim factory for you.

But insult the Chinese President in Australia and some old Chink will come up and swear at you bad Engrish at you, and another fat Chink will try to rape your cameraman,

WTF is even happening here.

The three million Chinese in Australia are the advance guard. Here’s hoping they accidentally nuke us.

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