We are so Stupid, it hurts


And by we I mean you. And by you I mean a lot of guys who stridently and at all times purport to be on our side against the nasty Globohomo alliance of vileness and rancor. And yet when something goes down, whether it’s the Globos who concoct it or a third party trying to stand up to the Globos, without fail, each and every time, and no matter your history of getting it constantly wrong time after time after time, you clowns will fall for the propaganda lines, again.

And no matter how much material many informed and connected people on our side write to educate you, no matter how much evidence and facts they produce to enlighten your stupid dumb asses, you refuse to see or hear and instead you gleefully switch on to whatever Western propaganda outlet is whoring out absolute lies for the upteenth time, and you suck it down like a porn star attempting to beat the world blowjob record.

But even worse, you regurgitate it. You spread it around. No matter how bad your Uncle Sam is at home, if something pops up overseas that your lying governments tell you is X then by golly by gee by gum you are going to take that X to the bank and you are then going to deposit it on bended knee while crying tears of worship to muh democracies.

And it’s not just people on social media who are doing this but it’s writers and bloggers too. Some of the guys on my blog roll. One of them even wrote that the Ukrainian people elected Zelenskyy as their president. I mean, come on – this is way past obtuse. How much evidence do you need to understand in your brains that Zelenskyy was installed by the Globohomos after a CIA organised coup in the Ukraine in 2014? Toddlers must know this by now. But not you guys, oh no, no, no. Keep sucking down that propaganda, your old governments would never lie to you during war time.

Every single entity that has spent the past two years lying to us about Covid are fully in bed with the narrative of Ukraine as the plucky little innocent fighter and Putin as the big bad villain. Which means, which means that everything they say is either a lie or it’s not true because they are so categorically stupid that the best intellectual effort that they are capable of mustering is to simply project their own extremely limited understanding of war onto Russia’s strategy. Which means that they scream that Russia is failing due to the fact that the Ukraine is still standing as a nation because if they were waging this war they would already have obliterated every major city from the air and the ground so that their “elite” troops could then calmly walk through the rubble.

After that they would grudgingly launch a PSYOPs campaign such as Operation Hearts and Minds. Remember that one? It would have been more accurate to call it operation hearts and brains for all of the Iraqi civilian body parts strewn amongst the rubble. Because that’s how the USA and thus the West wages war. They kill civilians because that’s the short term easy solution which then turns into a twenty year insurgency bloodbath because for some strange reason people get pissed off when you kill all of their relatives and you leave them with nothing left to lose. We just finished one of these in Afghanistan and yet the entire Western apparati can’t believe that Russia isn’t following the same play book. Gee those Russians are going to lose big time, right?

And plucky little Ukraine. Fuck me dead. That poor nation has been ruled by a gang of criminals and murderers for eight years who are now forcibly conscripting every male between the ages of 18 and 60 and handing out arms to civilians. You only hand out weapons to civilians if you want to see them massacred by professional fighting forces so you can create a non-false false flag. They are not interested in protecting a country which they have spent years doing their best to destroy. They just want to protect themselves and keep up the Globohomo lies against Russia for as long as possible, (because that’s who are paying them).

But what am I doing? Why am I attempting to explain this to you people, again? You’re hopeless. You’re not going to listen. You’re incapable of hearing. You’re worse than useless. You’re a fucking liability because you actively help to spread the lies of Globohomo from a position of authority on the Right. I mean, Globohomo are retarded intellectually but they must look at you clowns and laugh their fucking asses off. How can they not think that they will win with morons like you trying to outdo each other on who can be the biggest idiot.

So go on, wave your flags. Adopt yellow and blue as your new colors of choice. Pour your Russian vodka down the sink. Cry for the LBTQZX rights of the Ukrainians. You and the Left deserve each other.

Originally published at Pushing Rubber Downhill. You can purchase Adam’s books here.