This is the Alternative


In response to my piece on the Canadian truckers, people have been asking what the alternative way is to fight the system. How do we avoid getting sucked into fighting the System while using its rules and methods? And what do we replace it with even if we might triumph?

It’s very simple; the alternative way is within each of us. It is our personal relationship with God, a relationship that the vast majority of us have abandoned in favor of baubles and faux freedom. Our freedoms were not “taken away” over the last two years with the Covid hoax. Instead, we never actually had any freedoms. Our precious liberty has always rested on the vacillating moods of those in charge.

What the last two years have done is to reveal the true state of play. You are allowed to pursue what you want as long as it suits those in charge. And if you get out of line then your privileges to exist in their society will be revoked.

It’s their society because we gave it to them in exchange for those self same freedoms. And we turned away from God. When you truly understand this then the true absurdity of events such as the Canadian truckers’ protest become uncomfortably clear. All those people protesting around the world to get back their “freedoms” and their “rights” are essentially drug addicts demanding that their feeding tubes be reinserted by those who so rudely pulled them out.

People want to be free to do what they want. That’s what we’ve been sold. Never mind the suicide rates and the addiction levels, the obesity epidemics, the pathological fixation on sex and sexual identity, and the all consuming narcissism as people fixate like automatons on dopamine for their latest social media hit. The family breakdowns or the families that were never created in the first place. The fact that we have been reduced to isolated atomised units, our value measured in tax dollars and whether or not we’ve signed the card to donate our organs when we finally give up the ghost.

That’s freedom, apparently. You can do whatever you want but unfortunately for you they never gave you a proper education so you have no idea what you want. You have all of the options and none of them at the same time. And this is the future for your children, and for their children if they ever have any. For the vast majority of people, this is it. This is the reality. And yet they still want it back when the System threatens to take it away.

Because for all of our lives we have answered to Them. But instead we should be answering to God. We need to be defending Him. Our enemies are His enemies. Like I said, the first thing that you can do is to look inside yourselves. And then you need to go without fear but with great calm and fortitude. Publicly make your stand. No more hiding behind anonymity on the internet.

Do not be afraid of what others may think – instead be afraid of what God thinks.

Do not be afraid of losing your baubles. The System has amply demonstrated that it can and will take away what you think you have whenever it needs to do so.

We have no freedom because we have no power. But the power of God is right there within reach, if only we would turn to Him.

Fight the System not by attacking it head on but by taking a ninety degree turn away from it. Make it come to us. Make it respond to our moves. Make it feel afraid.

But the ultimate fear that holds people back from acting is the fear of what will replace the System if we triumph. The System is now the only reality that people know. Take that away, as awful as it is, and they assume that there will be nothing. But there is something, and that is a lawful people bound to God and under his covenant.

The only thing standing between this reality and you is yourself. Ultimately, that is how powerless the System really is. It’s time to remind it of this reality. But first we need to wake up.

Originally published at Pushing Rubber Downhill. You can purchase Adam’s books here.

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