You thought Covid was over? WA reintroduces restrictions

The Premier of Western Australia.

Nothing like a good distraction to get the heat off the politicians.

The Covid-pilled are a wise bunch, and they know that when the Cabal is jumping up and down saying “hey, look over here” you should probably look behind the curtain.

But wait, who said they can’t just keep both distractions from the fact that the global debt supernova is about to explode going at the same time? Western Australia is reintroducing restrictions due to increased case numbers after they finally opened the border:

Western Australia’s COVID-19 restrictions will be expanded statewide after daily cases in the state soared to more than 1,000.

The state recorded 1,043 infections on Friday – 1,039 were locally acquired and four were travel-related – which was a significant jump from Thursday’s 617 cases.

Premier Mark McGowan said level one restrictions, which were introduced in the Perth, Peel, the South West, Great Southern, Wheatbelt and Pilbara regions from 6am on Monday, will be expanded in response to the growing outbreak.

The restrictions will apply to the Kimberley from 6am on Saturday before being expanded to the rest of the state from 6am on Monday…

Level one restrictions include home gatherings being limited to 30 people and the two square metre rule for venues including hospitality and entertainment.

Mr McGowan has flagged level two restrictions could be introduced if infection numbers continue to escalate.

That could include limiting home gatherings to 10 and introducing the four square metre rule for indoor venues.

It’s all so silly. They rebranded the flu so they would have a pretext to sell untested vaccines which were already being developed.

I have seen bootlickers online say that they don’t understand why ordinary people are protesting because basically all the Covid restrictions have been lifted. It is a ploy which ignores the fact that masks are still required under many conditions, despite the Lying Press claiming in the headlines that they’re gone.

More importantly, it is nigh on impossible to get a job in this country without taking the dangerous, untested jab. Until the vaccine mandate is quashed, and those responsible for it in the government, the Lying Press, the security services and “the science” are held accountable, this is not over.

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