Massive global protests continue against Vaccine Mandates: Dwarf small anti-war protests


You would’t know it if you’re still plugged in to the Matrix, but this weekend there was another big protest against vaccine mandates in Melbourne.

As usual it was entirely peaceful and comprised almost entirely of ordinary people, mums, dads and families.

As usual, it was ignored by the government and the Lying Press for precisely the same reason.

Intriguingly, the Lying Press saw fit to report on the small protests against the Ukraine War around the country, and without mentioning whether or not protesters were following so-called “CovidSafe” procedures. This article from one Lying Press outlet mentions that “several hundred” marched through Sydney:

In a sea of blue and yellow flags and banners, protesters around the world have shown their support for the people of Ukraine and called on governments to do more to punish Russia and avoid a broader conflict.

Several hundred people marched through heavy rain in Sydney chanting “Ukraine will prevail” while protesters in Tokyo called for Russia to be expelled from the United Nations Security Council.

“Several hundred” is minuscule compared to the seas of people who have swamped Sydney’s CBD to protest vaccine mandates.

Tellingly, although the Lying Press article refers to claims of 20,000 people protesting against the war in Bern, Switzerland, no aerial shots are provided.

Yesterday another Australian Lying Press outlet reported on an anti-war protest in Melbourne. Its claim of “thousands” is belied by the aerial shots provided.

That’s a few hundred. It barely compares to the anti-lockdown crowds in Melbourne mid-2021 when protests were illegal.

And there is no comparison to the size of the anti-vaccine mandate crowds seen a couple of weekends ago in Canberra:

Canberra, 12/2/2022.

Or those in Melbourne at the end of 2021.

These crowds dwarfed even the vaunted anti-Vietnam War protests.

XYZ News does not take sides in the conflict between Russia and the Ukraine. Seriously, have you seen our leaders?

The point is that despite the global Lying Press’ best efforts over the past fortnight to distract us with the war in Ukraine, ordinary people all across the West still view Covid Tyranny to be the number one issue.

Just look at the size of the protests in New Zealand:

This is despite the most severe police brutality from New Zealand police ever seen in modern times:

The Canadians are still protesting, despite special forces being deployed against them and the nation’s financial infrastructure doing everything it can to starve them out.

A massive trucker convoy is making its way across America towards Washington D.C.

And the people of Europe are still marching in their hundreds of thousands, not against the war but against Covid Tyranny.

As usual, credit to Rise Melbourne for their excellent work.

To reiterate the point, XYZ News is not complaining that the Lying Press is focusing on the Ukraine War and ignoring the massive, ongoing protests against vaccine mandates. That would be like complaining that Russia has invaded the Ukraine after NATO indicates it is going to make Ukraine a member.

The point is that millions of people across the West are immune to this programming and are keeping their focus on the fact that our rulers are using Covid as a pretext to turn our civilisation into one giant digital and real life prison.

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