The year of the Individual


Let’s start this off with a warm and hearty shout out to those who are seeing in the new year with their original DNA. You know who you are, and they know who you are too, so 2022 promises to be interesting. The way things are going, anything is possible next year, absolutely anything at all. I saw a headline yesterday that a small nuclear war could help to reverse the effects of global warming. We have been conditioned for all of our lives to accept whatever they tell us. And those who have railed against the messaging have been scorned and maligned as crazies and conspiracy theorists.

What has defined the year 2021? Of course, the defining event of the year has been the attempted forced vaccination of many of the world’s individual populations, mostly through coercion, threats, fear, propaganda and the relentless attempts to create division in society so that citizens do the dirty work of the politicians and their handlers.

But when I examine the events of the past year, what stands out for me is that everyone is on his own. This for me has been the year of the individual.

I would lay a wager that everyone who reads this piece has had the experience this year of attempting to convince someone close to them, a family member or a treasured friend, of the evilness behind the push for the vaccines and the awful risks associated with anyone who submits to the peck in their arm. And I would also wager, quite confidently, that all of your arguments were for naught; that they fell on deaf ears. No matter all of the evidence that you brought to the discussion, no matter the many examples of suspicious deaths that could be directly connected to the vaccines, no matter the army of medical staff who are lining up to reveal what they have witnessed, all of these and any other arguments would have been entirely useless. You may as well have been talking to a brick wall.

What did Jesus say, about turning father against son, mother against daughter, brothers against sisters? We all know what He said. Because we are seeing it in action.

There is no unity to be found in our nations because we have been conditioned to be individuals for all of our lives. Any organisations that remotely resemble communities have been hounded out of existence or perverted from within and left as an obscene husk of their former identity and purpose. The family as God intended is more or less dead in the water. The Church is firmly in lockstep with the Globalists and whatever is their mantra for the day. This was the year that luxuriating in the wretchedness of the Novus Ordo wreckage was not enough for our pagan Church masters. No, they had to come after the pitifully small numbers of true Catholics who attempt to worship via the old rites in hidden away congregations. This was done to achieve “unity”, yet another example of peace meaning war.

And there is no unity in collections of individuals. Society is not going to wake up, no matter how fervently we may wish for it to be so. People will put up with a hell of a lot in order to hold on to whatever they have left and there’s still an awful lot of stuff for them to steal. People will hold onto their precious beliefs in the things of this world for as long as they can in the face of all evidence to the contrary. They will go to their graves believing in the science.

But not everyone has remained so comatose while great events surrounded them. This was the year for the great awakening of millions of individuals who understand that they are completely and utterly alone before God. That it is His way that counts. That is the great gift that this year has brought us. The trials and tribulations have either brought us to the faith or strengthened our faith in Him. In God we trust. Not in the things of this world, and certainly not in the utter banality of not being able to go out for a coffee. Has any population in the record of human history surrendered so much just so they could continue to enjoy indoor dining?

I know that I am alone in this world, and I have known it completely and utterly for some years now. Acceptance of such knowledge is a most liberating thing. I act without the anxiety of the burden of a reputation to endure. If I am alone and in great pain then I simply turn to Him. If I am among a multitude and in great pain my reaction is the same.

Would I wish for the world that I knew and grew up in to be returned to me as it once was? To turn back the clock to another time? No, because no matter how far it would be rewound, the ticking clock would begin again its inexorable path to where we are today. We are here at this point because of a great battle against God. So rejoice in being alive at this moment in history and of having still the capacity for free thought and action. Only you can surrender, they cannot force you to accept their grand scheme. Against true Christians they are helpless because in our minds we know where the truth lies. And in such a moment of extremis there is only you and Him.

So go with God into this new year.

“He who serves Me will never fail.” Sir. 24:21

“He who finds Me finds life.” Prov. 8:35

Originally published at Pushing Rubber Downhill. You can purchase Adam’s books here.

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