The Ukraine – are you ready to die for your “nation”?


Over at Friday’s random thread at Severian’s place they got a good discussion going on the ongoing machinations over the Ukraine, potential false flag events and all. Sev had this to say:

I’m no expert on Russian affairs, but from what I see Vlad Putin is 100% in the right on this. I don’t know if there’s any remotely plausible case to be made for us fucking around in Ukraine, because NATO shouldn’t exist anymore. It’s all just baksheesh from and for stupid people who have been smelling their own farts in the same offices since Pearl Jam first hit the charts.

NATO still exists for the same reason that the EU exists and that’s globalism, baby, stick a TM on the end of that word. Every country that falls to either organisation is another one in the pot for the guys behind the System. The Swiss are still holding out on both of them because hey, if sticking to your mountain aerie has worked for several hundred years, why stop now? They’re the reclusive dwarves of the European D&D campaign.

So too the Scandinavians. Although individual countries in that area have submitted to the poxy Evil Empire in different ways, the Swedes and the Finns haven’t been stupid enough to join NATO. Not so much can be said for the poor dumb Latvians and Lithuanians across the frigid waters of the Baltic sea. The Finns in particular are well aware of the stupidity of joining that club of losers, having dramatically fought off the Russian Bear in the 1940s and tenaciously managing to hold on to most of its lands after that mess was settled.

Mind you, the Finns now have a woman in charge so expect her to go with her feelings and join NATO soon. She’s hawt by Finnish standards so she can more or less get away with anything at this point and then swan off to some island in the sun when the shooting starts. As an aside, why are Finnish chicks so goddamn ugly? They really are the mutt dogs of Scandinavia.

Back to the Ukraine. With America’s economy finally catching up with all of the fiscal retardedness of the last forty years, the powers at be will need a really good distraction before things go tits up at home. The Ukraine is their new battlefield of choice, and they have been priming it for some time now as Severian noted. The big problem with this, which is obvious to those of us still with a functioning cortex, is that the USA hasn’t fought a war against a conventional army since World War Two. You might be able to argue that the Korean War was conventional seeing as they were fighting China, but China back then was just as rag tag as the rag tags they’ve been fighting in all the wars since.

But China is not rag tag anymore. And Russia has never ever been rag tag. And they’re allied, and Iran is with them, and just about any country you can think of ending in ‘stan, so this has the potential to spiral out of control in a, hey, I just shot the Archduke kind of way.

Which is bad news for me because I’m Australian. Forgive me for getting a bit selfish at this point but it worries me a little bit. You see, Australia has been the USA’s cool lapdog for eighty years now. Wherever they go we jump in afterwards with nary a glance to the side in our boundless obedience to the mother of all retarded strategic alliances. Which has been fine for us up to now because, once again, the USA hasn’t fought a conventional enemy since World War Two and the only reason that that turned out so well for them was because Russia bled the Wehrmacht to death on the Russian Front.

So as an Aussie who does not, cannot and will not live in Australia, I still hold the little blue book that identifies me as a kangaroo. Which means that if this all goes tits up then I will be an official enemy of Russia. Which is awful because Australia is not populated or run by Australians any more. The blow ins, as we call them, are in charge and obedient to the same idiot NATO pukes that think that poking the Russian Bear is all fun and games.

Even worse will be the poor kids who have spent the last couple of years locked indoors as protection against the common cold. They’ll get to emerge blinking into the harsh sunlight and then face the reality of being drafted and sent against the Russian guns.

What I’m hoping for is that the individual European nations regain their senses, ditch the EU and NATO faster than my first girlfriend Shazza did to me back in high school, and embrace President Vlad with the enthusiasm that she showed to one of my former best mates. This has a chance of happening because Europe is about to freeze its backside off when winter finally decides to wake up, and seeing as they so foolishly ditched all reliable energy sources, their only hope is rebranding natural gas and uranium as green and that means humping Vlad’s leg.

Either way, I wouldn’t be making any long term investment moves right now.

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