XYZ Festival 2021 Ep. 1: Jaz Searby


Last night was the opening night of XYZ Fest. Jaz Searby gave an excellent, succinct speech on nationalism and his worldview.

He focused on four key points: Time, Unity, Love and Leadership. Time is no longer something which is a luxury for us as our people continue to be replaced and as the government control escalates. Unity, not diversity, is our strength. Above all, nationalism is something grounded in love and family, upon God’s commandment to love our neighbour.

We built on this during the discussion panel with Brad Ingram and Ozzy, reflecting on Jaz’s role as a martial arts instructor to grow men into boys. We also discussed the use of the coronavirus as a pretext to increase government control in Australia, and a recent egregious act of censorship underway in Victoria.

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