Filotto nukes Milo


My opinion of Milo has always been that he was at the very best, approved opposition. That he had made a career out of it so as to fund his lavish lifestyle, but that he was essentially harmless in of himself. In other words, that he was a tool, a willing tool, but just a tool nonetheless.

But maybe not so harmless. After all, a year ago he was revealed in court documents for the Charlottesville case to have been providing Antifa with information. Funnily enough the story never got traction and disappeared, although yours truly did mention it in passing.

Back to Milo. Is he one of them or one of us? This is actually quite easily answered. First, the fact that he got very big, very quickly, is your first clear indication that he is one of them. The only people that get big these days are controlled. Either they are on their side, or they are pretending to be on our side

The enemy is rat cunning, so if they’re pretending then they’re going to make it look good. So they’ll stick protesters outside their meetings; they’ll get them banned from various web pages; they will be slandered in the press under direct instructions; it’s all part of the show.

You’re part of the show.

Then this year Milo resurfaced again with a completely new shtick, born again as it were with a renouncement of his past sodomite ways and a return to the Catholic Church. How convenient for him. Once again from the pen of your humble scribe:

I then proceeded to read the linked interview where he outlines his retreat from his former life of devotion to youth and lust. To say that I found it unconvincing would be to say that I find the Great Victoria Desert a little sandy. Is this an uncharitable position for me to take; an un-Christian position? Quite possibly, perhaps even certainly. But I have a nose for grifters and this one still has that unmistakable odor.

I am a wordsmith and I have a certain skill with the written language. But as an investigator I am small beans. I say my bit and leave it at that. Sometimes I get lucky when I poke the bugbear, as in the case of Jordan Peterson. But mostly my balls go through to the keeper, no matter how well delivered.

Giuseppe Filotto, however, is an investigator of rat cunning and with a tenacity that would put honey badgers to shame. Yesterday he came out with a bombshell of an article concerning Milo’s supposed links with Freemasonry, complete with dozens of images and screenshots that together make up a most damning assessment.

… I think this suffices to show that Milo is more than a little touchy about being asked of his association with Freemasonry, his association with an Opus Dei funded organisation like Church Militant, and his friend supposedly ex-gay Gary Voris, and above all, the fact that Freemasons ALWAYS play both sides of the coin.

What Filotto means by Freemasonry playing both sides of the coin is that they will actively take part in both sides of a conflict so as to maximise their chances of success. That’s why I wrote that the only people who get big on the mainstream are controlled – either they are not on our side or they are pretending to be on our side.

But it gets better, or worse depending on your point of view. Because Milo reacted and reacted poorly. And so Filotto has a follow up piece this morning which makes most satisfying reading, not to mention the many screenshots of emails and social media bans that erupted in the wake of his first article.

Think about it, assume he is a full-blown Freemason intent on deceiving the small percentage of the population that is no longer fooled by Ben Shapiro or Jordan Peterson, but in their quest for truth, God and a real Church is still on the fence about Emo Jones maybe, or thinking Church Militant are actual Catholics and not funded by Opus Dei hook line and sinker. If you make that assumption then Milo has no options left except to feign my facts are unimportant rumblings of some attention seeker, far too inept or relevant to even merit a response by our flamboyant, worldly, newly chocolate-dick free “Catholic” hero. Right.

And why is that? Because do you know what the punishment for being exposed as a confirmed Freemason is? Do you know about their code of silence despite all their signalling? They signal because they think of us as dumb sheep and cows that will do nothing, understand nothing and be led to slaughter by them. Yet… the only penalty for revealing the Freemason secrets is death. And death by some rather gruesome means. Don’t take my word for it. Google is not your friend, but it can still dig up some stuff on this.

So here is my take: Milo always was controlled opposition. He was the pied piper to the young ones. The Millennials yes, but more importantly the Zyklons.

Filotto comes to the same conclusion that I have. But if Milo really is a Freemason then he is not merely some passive tool used by the other side, but an active enemy deliberately inserted in our midst and dedicated to our destruction. His role is to keep us from the truth and to hopefully damn us in the process. He is our enemy. Treat him as such.

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