The Metaphysics of Retardation


Thursday, 10th of June, Day 28

It is often expressed in our culture that something or someone is “retarded”, common especially amongst younger people as an insult. When I first met Jacob Hersant, he was only a teenager, and in a room full of men in their 20s, 30s and even 40s he was always very quiet. While the men would bicker around the table and argue ideas, Jacob—who was trying not to step out of line—would hold his tongue, even during some of the most nonsense debates. Until finally he had enough and would burst out over the top of someone and state without explanation that the idea was “retarded”. This of course would cause animosity between the teenager and the older “wiser” colleagues of far more life experience. Many a time I would be pulled aside by people who found Jacob disrespectful and immature, and many a time I would pull Jacob aside and tell him to be more respectful of his colleagues. In the early days getting an explanation out of Jacob was like getting blood from a stone, I knew he was trying to explain but I wasn’t listening, all I heard was that everything was retarded. He told me that everything we were doing had already been tried and didn’t work, or that we were putting the cart before the horse. He recommended I read Rockwell’s and Slavros’ books and that it would all be explained in there. So after years of being in the movement, I went back to reading. I read Rockwell and Slavros. I went back and read Mein Kampf again. I read Evola, Devi, Yockey, Spengler and even got started on Kurt Eggers before getting caught up back in the movement again. I realised Jacob was right; it was all retarded. Everything we were sneaking around just needed to be addressed.

All of this happened around the time I went through a spiritual awakening, which I have already explained before. With the assistance of the giants that came before me, it reset my course and that of the movement here in Melbourne, and the influence Melbourne has as the epicentre of political change in Australia. From the signing of the ‘White Australia Policy’ to the Jewish ‘Academics’ that destroyed it 75 years later, Melbourne is like a Vienna and Bavaria wrapped into one, so much that conservatives here even call it “the socialist state of Victoria” and its Premier “Commie Dan” or “the commissar of Victoria”, reminiscent of the communist state of Bavaria. “Nothing good comes out of Victoria” according to the other states, some are even heard complaining of a rabble raiser down there that is not even Australian.

Back to the subject, a synonym for extinguish when referring to an out of control fire, is “to retard” or “fire retardant”. Leon Degrelle in his famous “Resurrection” speech, talks of a force that lies behind the White Race as being a “great flame”. Yockey in Imperium speaks on the subject of “cultural retardation”. Hitler in Mein Kampf when discussing the Jewish question explains that the Jews wish to “bring down” the cultural and racial level of the race so that they can more easily rule over us.

What all of these Giants and all the great spiritualities and mythologies have been trying to tell us is that we live not just in our material form, but that we are part of a great flame, a solar force, a white light and that the forces of darkness are trying to block out the sun or make it fall out of the sky. Our duty—like the 800 warriors who come out of 540 doors—is to be the torch bearers of the new sun that rises out of the age of darkness that we currently live in. It does not matter whether you are the 700th or the 799th, out of the 500th or 539th door, you are part of a cycle that can not be ignored, and that cycle is getting very close to completion. A Ragnarok is occurring and in this lifetime you will see the axis of the Earth shatter to its core. If you wish to see our race and your own bloodline come out the other side of this cataclysm, you must have the strength to light your torch and hail the sun. You can not be like these cold and soulless creatures who are White on the outside, but whose fire within has been retarded. You must burn so brightly that you melt all the ice that has frozen our race. Only then will the flood come. Climb the mountain.

Hail Victory!

Thomas Sewell

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