How to become Informed Catholics


Regular reader Kentucky gent as a newly converted Catholic is struggling to understand the significance of the unfolding schism surrounding the Traditional Latin Mass, particularly as it pertains to him on a personal level.

We are not bizarrely or unaccountably naive, we are merely uninformed. I went to my first mass in December, was confirmed at the Easter 2021 vigil, and I have no idea what the TLM is like because I’ve never attended one.

I also don’t know why it is important, especially since no one I know understand Latin, other than the clergy.

Knowledge is power, and keeping the laity in a state of ignorance has been a hallmark of the Church post-Vatican II. So what follows is a bit of guidance for readers who might find themselves in a similar state of quandary as that described by Kentucky Gent.

First, you need to understand the battle that rages within the Church. You could do your own homework and delve into the myriad of codices and councils in an effort to understand the complexities. Or you could read a man who has bothered to do all of that work for us.

That man is Giuseppe Fillotto and I have reviewed both of his books. Believe! is his introductory volume and a quick and easy read, while his second book, Reclaiming the Catholic Church is far more dense but still valuable. Let’s call this a good start.

Both books contain abundant resources for the journeyman to further his own development in this arena of knowledge. One truly valuable website that I have linked to before is the Lux Vera Directory of TLM conducted around the world by true priests of the Catholic Church who have rejected the heresies of Vatican II.

Here is the world version. And here is the USA version. Readers will note that the USA is abundantly served with locations for discerning Catholics to practice the true faith. Note that the Lux Vera website also has a multitude of further links and resources for the faithful to continue their exploration of these matters.

With this as a starting point, the determined Catholic will be well equipped to both understand and deal with the battles to come.

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