Children’s Author Enid Blyton Cancelled for “Racism and Xenophobia”


Originally published at Patriotic Alternative on June 17, 2021.

Laura Towler

Beloved English writer Enid Blyton is estimated to have written over 800 books, including favourites like Noddy, The Famous Five, The Secret Seven and Malory Towers. With over 600 million copies sold and her work being translated into 90 different languages, Blyton is one of the most successful British writers of all time, still enchanting children and adults alike to this day.

According to The Telegraph, this week, English Heritage updated their blue plaque information for Enid Blyton, suggesting that the author’s books have been linked to “racism and xenophobia”. The update comes following English Heritage’s pledge to review all of its blue plaques for “contested figures” following the Black Lives Matter riots last year.

Enid Blyton’s blue plaque by English Heritage.

Blyton’s 1965 book, The Little Black Doll, was criticised for telling the story of a doll named Sambo who is only accepted by his owner once his “ugly black face” is washed “clean” by the rain.

English Heritage, who were criticised in 2018 for offering paid training placements which were not available to White people, tweeted this morning:

“Our 1997 Blue Plaque to Enid Blyton is back in the news along with our online bio of the children’s author, whose books are loved by many. We can fit about 19 words on each plaque. Our website provides a fuller picture of the person’s life, including any uncomfortable aspects.”

Enid Blyton was born in 1897 in London and lived until 1968, so although a book like The Little Black Doll is unlikely to have been published today, it is ridiculous to hold literature that was written decades ago to today’s woke standards. Why should Britons be forced to readdress important components of our culture and history to please minority groups who we never agreed to invite here in the first place?

Enid Blyton, of course, is not the first English author to come under pressure with even greats like William Shakespeare being cancelled in our education system due to the promotion of “misogyny, racism and homophobia” in his work.

The more we bend over backwards for outside groups, the more they will ask of us. There is no end point where true “equality” is finally met. White history and culture will continue to be attacked until there is nothing left of it. Our only response must be to never give an inch.