Guards who didn’t guard when Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself didn’t go to jail


It’s hilarious that they’re black and fat.

I’m laughing so hard I can’t breathe.

Basically, two black guards who didn’t do their job when Jeffrey Epstein was disappeared from one of the highest security prisons in the United States have avoided prison by doing some deal. Apparently they were surfing the net for sportsball and they falsified the records afterward to make it look like they were doing their job.

At least that’s the cover story. It is so stupid. Nobody believes it, but the globohomo regime which rules over America has to go through this charade so that they can conveniently tie up a loose end and provide an official explanation for how a billionaire who blackmailed the rich and powerful using underage sex slaves as bait can just disappear.

Enraging people over the black guards’ slap on the wrist is a boss move. Anything to keep the public’s attention off the fact that Epstein was the lynchpin in an Israeli Mossad operation to manipulate the policy of governments around the world in favour of Israel. The Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself meme is one of the red pill entry points into the fact that jews rule the world through their control of central banking and they provide an entry point to any goy servant who desires fame, wealth or power as long as they are prepared to let the jews have incriminating footage of them.

Understand this and you understand why a succession of politicians are elected by Western populations who promise to look out for our interests but give us nothing but more replacement immigration, more debt slavery and free gibs for Israel.

Understand this, and you understand that there is no political solution.