United Airlines rings death knell for air travel


United Airlines have made the following hilarious announcement:

Morgoth’s Review observes:

The rate at which planes start flying into mountains and falling from the sky will be low at first, but that doesn’t matter because the system won’t allow for an honest explanation anyway and so the carnage will continue.

Eventually it will be commonly accepted that air-travel is simply not worth the risk and it will become something only the elites, with white men flying their planes, will be able to risk.

Everyone else will watch old footage of flying in the 80’s and 90’s and wonder in bemusement at how safe, easy and routine it seemed back then.

Matty’s Modern Life agrees:

Looks like United Airlines are no longer safe enough to risk flying on, and Morgoth is completely right about the future of air travel.

When “diversity” starts to trump the lives of travellers you know that the ruling class have no care at all for the people they oppress.

Only the complete removal of these parasites will make it safe to fly once more.

The XYZ has gained exclusive access to a near disaster on a United Airlines flight which was only narrowly averted.

It’s your XYZ.