Men conquer, women nurture


The hysterical overreactions by the general public and tyrannical overreach by governments to the Chinese sniffles is well known to those of us endowed with the desire to seek out truth. What has been shocking is not the overreach so much as the delirious acceptance by the majority of people to government edits such as lockdowns and curfews. This blind adherence and devotion to being looked after by feckless and uncaring unelected bureaucrats is a direct result of the feminization of our societies, a process which has been ongoing since the time of the mislabeled Enlightenment.

Francis Berger has come up with an edict to describe the state of our societies in this period of time.

No one is safe until all are safe.

This beautifully captures not just what we are living through, but what our societies have been building up towards for so long. And it is a direct and completely predictable outcome of the feminization of our societies because of the way that women in general view the world.

Men are conquerors and risk takers. We see ourselves through the prism of what we have achieved; what great works we have contributed to the development of mankind. We have a higher casualty rate and a lower life expectancy because of this, but that is part of our burden and all to the greater good. It is what we are here to do.

Women are nurturers and protectors. They prioritize the organization of things at the expense of the achievement of things. Once again, this is to the good as their role is to bring up the children safely in the home. Overwhelmingly, their desire is for things to be safe. Being safe is not just about physical protection; it can also mean that things must be fair and equal.

Think about how boys and girls play. Boys will immediately invent and start a game and work out the rules as they go along. Girls on the other hand, will sit down and work out all of the rules beforehand, even if that means that they run out of time to actually play the game. Their rules will include a complicated approach to the social realities of their group, so that ostensibly on the surface all girls will be treated equally, but in reality some girls will be treated more equally than others. Girls do this from a very young age.

The male and female roles balance each other out when they are in harmony. But we are not in harmony. As I have already stated, we live in a fem-centric world that has been steadily moving in this direction for a very long time. The desire to keep everyone safe stems directly from this. Our fem-centric leaders will happily kill us in order to protect us. This is the basis for all of the doing-good that permeates our societies.

Berger takes this to the next step in order to evaluate the true nature of things.

God did not create this world and agree to put us in it for us to be safe; He created this world and agreed to put us in it to grant us the opportunity to be saved. 

Salvation is the only safety anyone can hope to find in this world; all other hopes of safety are misguided and delusional.

You cannot be saved by staying safe. You must take risks in order to reach salvation. Because men are the natural risk takers it is part of the reason why men are commanded by God to guide and protect women. This inversion of that natural order has had dire consequences for the state of the world, as well as men and women individually. We are being nurtured to death and apparently most people are perfectly happy with this. It is an infantile doom.

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