George Floyd did everything wrong


This piece of filth is dead and that is a good thing.

George Floyd robbed a pregnant woman by holding a gun to her womb. If America was still a functional civilisation, the people in his community would have lynched him the moment word got out that this animal had done this.

Instead, a White police office by the name of Derek Chauvin was forced to deal with him several years later after he did a monkey dance with a banana while trying to use a dodgy bank note. Drugged up on fentanyl, Floyd couldn’t breathe. Then he died, the media made it look like Derek did it, and black people burned, looted and murdered for the entire summer. It could be argued that they did this in response to the so-called “murder” of George Floyd. It could also be argued that this is just what they do, anyway.

America’s Lying Press will tell you that America is a hellscape where White Supremacists kill people for no reason and that they get away with it because institutional racism favours White people.

The truth is that America is a hellscape where black people kill everybody else for no reason, including each other, but it is all blamed on White people because institutional racism puts White people in America last.

America’s Lying Press inverts this truth because it is controlled by jews who are serving the same master – the devil – as the money masters who have systematically destroyed America.

The net result of this is that Derek Chauvin has been found guilty in a court of law of the murder of George Floyd. This is the greatest miscarriage of justice since, well, only a few months ago when the Democrats stole the election.

We have been saying this for a while now: America is dead. America is not a country. The rule of law certainly does not exist in America. It died with the death of White Power in America. To restore America, White Americans must restore White Power.