How to find your church


On my last article concerning the Left versus Christianity, regular reader Rabuti had another valid and important question which I am going to answer with its own article.

It’s very frustrating when you know that a core obligation of the faith is Mass attendance, and your local churches have about as much passion as a wilted cabbage and the other attendees appear to be normies just punching in the clock.

I want a real church like Adam has but have not found one.
I steer clear of the mass these days and employ a combination of quiet ruminations in an empty church (for physical presence), the Bible next to my bed, blogs and podcasts of religious themes (for the theological thought) and lately telegram for the art, beauty and morale-boosting passages without the Vatican-II globo-homo sugar additives. This arrangement satisfies most needs except for true face-to-face ties with believers. I miss that and feel like I’m letting God down a bit but when the choice is a false mass or no mass what do you choose?

As I had only relatively recently returned to regular church attendance when the Chinese pox hysteria began, it was very frustrating for me that almost all churches, including my own Catholic church at the time, immediately closed their doors and enthusiastically jumped into the Globalist-endorsed rigmarole of online worship.

I did not tune in to any of these meaningless ceremonies for the reason that I saw the falsity for what it was. But for me the lack of being able to attend church paled in comparison with my frustration that the Catholic Church had openly capitulated so easily. And even worse that they were not able to see the falsity that was so clear to me.

But in hindsight this was a blessing. What they did was to openly reveal themselves. This was brought to clarity for me a few day’s ago in a short piece by Francis Berger titled, What is the Church Now?

What is the Church?? The historically venerable and Beautiful structures are, however, not the essential part… The core and essential element is the individual Believer within his Family, and in the Extended Family, — the Parish!… Christ teaches: “Where two or three are gathered in My Name, there I am in their midst!”

You are now the church; you and your family are now the church; your family and other families you love and can trust are now the church. That is how it all began; that is now where we need to be; that is how Christianity moves forward from here.

And if you are a solitary Christian without family or community, take heart; the Holy Spirit is accessible to every individual. Christ is in the midst and shalt be in the midst of the solitary as well. Far better alone with Christ than in a community without Christ.

Once again as I wrote about the other week, we are living in a time when the veil is being openly lifted from our eyes if we have the will, the nerve and the courage to want to see. Taken in that context, this is not only an incredibly exciting time full of great spiritual opportunity, but we are incredibly blessed both to be living in witness to it, but also to be active participants in this spiritual battle. We have accepted God and become children of Christ just when He needs us the most.

But as the churches have been laid waste in a spiritual sense, that means that the onus is now really on us. And how much better that is. For it is relatively easy to go to mass once per week, go through the motions for an hour or so, and then emerge back into the day confident that you have done your bit. But that passive way out is now closed. You need to be an active Christian. Are you praying the Rosary every day? That takes half the time as showing up to church but it’s a lot more involved, and that’s just for starters. Are you reading the bible? Are you doing your part to awaken those around you to the spiritual reality what we are facing?

But still, I agree that going to church is so important. It is a critical part of our faith. But only if we are around like-minded worshipers who understand the present reality, and that includes the priest. Which means you need to make the sacrifices to find a real church, and there are plenty of resources to help you with that. Far from going to church regularly, I have been to a real mass once in the past year, which was just under two months’ ago. I have to cross a border to get to the church in question and it is several hours from where I live. So I hope to schedule in a service every few months.

There are a great many more challenges before us now than there were a year ago. It is no longer possible just to be a comfortable Christian or a public one. You have to delve deep to get to where you need to be. And finally, the internet in the present time is our savior. You are reading these words because of the internet, as I am writing them. I found my church due to online resources. And we are finding like-minded men all around the world because of the internet. With this tool the possibilities are vast. And it is somewhat ironic when held to how the globalist churches use the internet as a proxy substitute for their spiritual responsibilities.

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