Australian government labels defunct British Discord group a “terrorist” organisation to whip up hysteria about nonexistent terror threat from Australian Nationalists

Some bald idiot.


With all the excitement of the last few days, some may have missed the news that the government is moving to ban the Sonnenkrieg Division (or Shannonkrieg Division as pronounced by Peter Dutton) as a terrorist organisation. The implications of this are profoundly disturbing.

The Sonnenkrieg Division was not a terrorist organisation according to any sane definition of the term, as it did not plan, fund or carry out any acts of terrorism. It was a Discord server where a gay British university student and his friends collaborated to create the edgiest shitposts possible. The “members” were mostly teenagers who only knew each other through social media. Regardless, it was banned in Britain, and its unfortunate members imprisoned. Since this happened in 2019, it has been defunct.

The question raised by all this is why the Australian government would consider gaoled teenage shitposters in another country to be the functional equivalent of Al Qaeda. If our rulers take memes about destroying the country of Albania, molesting police officers and shooting Prince Harry seriously then they are fools or paranoid psychotics. If they don’t then the implication is even worse—that they are psychologically preparing the public for a full-scale assault on political dissidents under the guise of “counter-terrorism”. Either way it is a sign of the system’s weakness and fear at being held to account for its crimes.

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