National Justice Exclusive: Notorious “Nazi” Satanic Group Is An Illegal Counter Intelligence Operation Controlled By Two Career FBI Informants


Originally published at National Justice.

On January 5th, National Justice released an article regarding a leaked FBI document on the pro-mass murder Satanic group the Order of Nine Angles (O9A) hinting at a potential government scheme to undermine First Amendment protected nationalist activity.

After reviewing numerous documents and interviewing multiple sources, National Justice can now confirm that the US chapter of the O9A is a self-described psychological operation run by a South Carolina based couple who have allegedly committed criminal acts to entrap multiple political activists on behalf of the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force and the Department of Justice over a 15 year period.

Joshua Caleb Sutter, the founder and head of O9A’s American chapter the Tempel ov Blood, and his wife Jillian Hoy, who controls the Satanist book publishing company Martinet Press, have been accused of attempted murder, identity theft and using sex and blackmail to infiltrate and take control of radical political organizations on both the left and the right in hopes of getting them to commit criminal acts.

There are at least four separate instances of people being set up, going to prison or currently facing serious criminal charges due to bogus conspiracies instigated by Sutter and Hoy in their capacity as FBI sponsored informants and agent provocateurs.

The Aryan Nations Years

Josh Sutter’s relationship with the FBI began in 2002-2003 when, ironically, undercover agents sold him a firearm with the serial numbers scratched off in a Philadelphia parking lot.

Sutter was a member of the Christian Identity group, the Church of the Sons of Yahweh, which set up shop in Pennsylvania as the inheritor of Aryan Nations following the death of Richard Butler. He was sentenced to two years in prison on the gun charges.

It was during his incarceration that the young man was recruited to work for the FBI.

Upon release, Sutter returned to the Church of the Sons of Yahweh in a leadership capacity (his old sermons are available here). Soon after, two of his associates in the group, Morris Lynn Gullett and Charles Scott Thornton, were raided by the FBI for “conspiring” to commit bank robberies in Alabama.

After learning the evidence the FBI had collected against him, he named Sutter as the agent provocateur.

In a prison letter dated May 12, 2005 obtained by National Justice, Gullett wrote:

West Monroe Correction Center
Pastor Morris L. Gulett
2301 N. 7th. St.
West Monroe, Louisiana 71291

Thursday May 12, 2005

I am certain by now that you have all heard that Brother Scott Thornton and myself are in federal custody charged with Conspiracy to commit Armed Bank Robbery. There are a few other charges revolving around weapons violations as well. But the charges all stem from an alleged bank robbery conspiracy.

Let me say that this entire debacle was an FBI set up from the very beginning. There would be no alleged crimes, were it not for an FBI informant / agent provocateur, one Joshua Caleb Sutter, a now former member of the Church of the Sons of YHVH / Legion of Saints. There are many of you out there that know Joshua Sutter. Let me say that I do not wish any retaliation whatsoever perpetrated towards Joshua. Even though, while he was at one time, just a little over two years ago, the target of an informant / provocateur in much the same way that he and ZOG targeted Brother Thornton and myself. Even though that while he was serving his two year prison sentence that stemmed from that set-up, I stayed in nearly constant contact with him, accepted his phone calls from prison and even sent him money to put on his books to buy whatever goodies he could. Even though during the two years he was away I kept him and his family in my daily prayers, asking the Father to strengthen him and to bring him through his incarceration unharmed and safely home to those who love him. Even though once he was released and sent home I then sent him money again so that he may at least have something in his pocket to get him started in life anew. Even though once home, I invited him to my home, sat him at my dinner table and allowed him to be served a home cooked meal by the hands of my loving mother. Even though after that meal I gave him my easy chair to relax in while I took a less comfortable seat. Even though my mother sits at home betrayed and heart broken while her son faces charges in federal court that stem from the rigorous efforts of this now turned federal informant, ex-Christian Brother/Patriot . . . .

Brother Thornton’s family are equally heartbroken.

So my wishes for Joshua Sutter is that he be left alone. YHVH the Father knows how to call the righteous to repentance and reserve the wicked for judgement. Joshua will not go uncounted.

According to a source with knowledge of Gullett’s case, Sutter goaded the two men, while they were inebriated, to engage in empty talk about robbing banks. Sutter, who had the men’s trust, was filming them the entire time. Both Thornton and Gullett pled guilty and served long prison stretches for this informant instigated “conspiracy.”

During this time, Sutter had also attracted another Aryan Nations member who suffered from mental illness, August Kreis III, to move near his Lexington, South Carolina compound. Sutter used the Aryan Nations site to declare “Aryan Jihad,” and claim that the group was aligned with Al Qaeda, which investigators later found was not true.

The suggestible Kreis, at the direction of Sutter, began doing television interviews declaring his allegiance to “Adolf Hitler and Al Qaeda.”

The Rural People’s Party and North Korean Study Group 

After the Aryan Nations blacklisted him as an FBI informant, Sutter took on a new disguise, this time as a communist who worshipped Pol Pot and North Korean leader Kim Il Sung.

In 2003, a year after George W. Bush’s infamous “Axis of Evil” speech, a third positionist named John Paul Cupp was able to travel to the DPRK and obtain permission to lead a Songun Politics Study Group in the United States. The North Korean government endorses such groups to educate people in foreign countries on their national ideology, Juche.

According to a 2013 in-depth feature in NKNews, an organization called the Rural People’s Party (RPP), which claimed to have been founded in 2003 by Josh Sutter and Jillian Hoy (pictured above) under the pseudonyms “David Woods” and “Comrade Morrison,” began showing interest in participating in Cupp’s Songun Group, which also included Kevin Walsh and a Palestinian named Ziad Shaker al-Jishi. An alliance was subsequently formed in 2007.

As time progressed, Ziad, Walsh and Cupp began suspecting that Sutter and Hoy were government agents.

According to the NKNews article, Sutter told Cupp at a 2008 meeting that he was behind the incidents of anthrax being sent to US government officials and had the capacity to make more.

The Palestinian member, Ziad, told the men later that it was very difficult to make anthrax at home and that they were being set up.

As members grew alarmed, the RPP engaged in an aggressive campaign to wrestle control over the Songun Study Group and receive official support from Pyongyang.

In 2008, Sutter’s girlfriend, Jillian Hoy, began allegedly having sex with Cupp. Cupp at the time was under the impression that Hoy was his fiancee, and both Sutter and Hoy began leveraging this influence over him in the organization.

Sutter and Hoy had married the same year on a day commemorating Jim Jones and the People’s Temple “martyrdom.” In a shocking accusation made by members of the group, including Cupp himself, Cupp was made seriously ill and hospitalized after Hoy and Sutter poisoned him.

According to Walsh, Sutter, who would’ve replaced Cupp if the latter had died, took responsibility for the attempted murder, though this is impossible to verify.

By 2010, Jason Adams-Tonis verified evidence from Sutter’s former Aryan Nations colleagues that the RPP was controlled by government informants and was able to purge them from the pro-North Korean group, which frustrated Sutter and Hoy. For the next few years, the couple created multiple fake Juche themed groups over the internet in hopes of winning approval from the Workers Party of Korea and access to their leadership.

When this ultimately failed, they used their online groups to try and marry Juche with worship of serial killers and the apocalypse. The operation ended in 2011.

William A. White (Bill White) and Allegations of COINTELPRO

Litigation by incarcerated former National Socialist Movement member William White raises serious charges against the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force and their relationship to Josh Sutter.

According to a 2016 lawsuit he filed after the government refused to comply with his FOIA requests, White affirms that the FBI purchased Josh Sutter’s Lexington, South Carolina compound in 2003 in the interest of launching an unconstitutional counter-intelligence operation against conservatives, Aryan Nations and individuals with close links to the North Korean government.

White, who witnessed the influence program first hand, states that Sutter (referenced as Perpetrator #2) talked Aryan Nations leader August Kreis III, a mentally ill man, into publicly pledging support to Al Qaeda.

It is then alleged that Sutter was involved in compelling Kreis, who at the time lived near Sutter’s compound, to couple his organization with the 1st SS Kavallerie Brigade Motorcycle Division, an outlaw motorcycle club in Florida that popped up out of nowhere and openly endorsed crime, revered Osama Bin Laden and presented as cartoonish “neo-Nazis.”

It was later revealed that, unsurprisingly, the motorcycle club was invented and led by the FBI as a way to snare drug addicts and petty criminals and frame them as terrorists. The club was an astroturfed operation from top to bottom that sought to capitalize on public fears of terrorism by establishing a fake nexus between bikers, nationalist ideas and the Islamists who attacked the World Trade Center.

White cites a 2012 memoir by undercover FBI operative David Gletty on how the FBI itself inserted these agent provocateurs and spies in dissident groups to undermine law-abiding citizens engaging in First Amendment activity, even quoting a strategy session where Special Agent Kevin Farrington told him, “plant the bomb of paranoia, and disruption, at the heart of this group, then, fuck with their minds until they break.”

White further concludes that some of the death threats he is currently imprisoned for making were in fact made by Josh Sutter, who he says was impersonating him on the internet.

The plaintiff’s requests for files associated with Sutter, his wife, the Rural People’s Party, various Juche groups, Aryan Nations, and so on were rejected. On appeal in August 2020, Judge John Phil Gilbert, who himself has a questionable ethics record, upheld the FBI and Department of Justice’s supposed right to secrecy in withholding Sutter’s files.

Satanism, Pedophilia, Psychological Manipulation and Atomwaffen Division

According to three sources who were involved with Atomwaffen Division (AWD) or are familiar with the legal cases of their members, Josh Sutter, Jillian Hoy (pictured above), and anonymous FBI operatives were behind the group’s sudden plunge into moral depravity following the incarceration of the group’s founder.

One source told National Justice that they first met Josh Sutter at a National Socialist Black Metal event associated with the Azov Battalion in the Ukraine in 2018. Sutter presented himself as the leader of the O9A in America, which edgier members of AWD found intriguing. Sutter is the author of multiple gruesome books about mass murder, the rape of infants, ritual violence and psychological torture, such as Blue Bird and Iron Gates, which are published by Martinet Press, a Satanist book company run by Hoy that is based out of their South Carolina trailer. The couple used their influence in the group to make the two books mandatory reading for new AWD recruits.

On their return home from the Ukraine, the FBI and CBP detained them at the airport, interrogated them, and imaged their phones and laptops, which uncovered data that would later be used to prosecute them.

An individual familiar with the legal defense of alleged AWD member Kaleb Cole, who is only one of two Atomwaffen defendants scheduled to go to trial, told National Justice  that materials collected by Sutter are central to the state’s prepared case against him. Due to the draconian penalties for losing at trial, most of Sutter’s targets over the years have pled guilty before forcing him to testify in open court.

According to the same source, Sutter went to the Texas home of an AWD member for a party, waited for the group to get drunk, then allegedly persuaded them into talking about various criminal conspiracies as he covertly filmed them, similar to what he did to Morris Gullett in 2005.

An FBI affidavit in Cole’s case references to the event in January 2020, claiming that evidence proving a criminal conspiracy was collected by an undercover FBI agent in this instance. The source tells us that the FBI “agent” referenced is either Sutter or one of the men that he introduced to the group.

Sutter, who used the name “Swissdiscipline” in Siege-themed accelerationist chats, was a leading member of AWD, as well as offshoots such as “Feuerkrieg Division” (FKD). Left-wing activists have occasionally expressed confusion about Sutter’s alter-egos being named as a key figure in multiple cases yet never being charged or named. Sutter had considerable sway on some AWD members, many who were minors suffering from autism or victims of abuse themselves. One of the young men indoctrinated by Sutter through FKD was a 13-year-old boy.

While Sutter and Hoy’s work for the Bureau in helping railroad people is proven, there are several legal and ethical questions regarding the FBI’s outrageous involvement with Tempel ov Blood, and whether they are utilizing psychological operations to turn otherwise law-abiding political dissidents into marks for criminal or terrorist prosecution.

In a letter authored in the early 2000s, Sutter wrote about his intention to use sex, psychological tactics, sadistic rituals and drugs to brainwash people into committing criminal acts:

“brainwashing…at least how it works for the cult followers. Genuine Sinister Adherents work with us differently, as you are an example I need not to explain. But it is usually subtle. They slowly become a cell in the organism known as the Tempel ov Blood. Some are immediately pulled in, usually by the charisma of a Czar or myself. As you know, people are selfish, so they will not give essence without something in return. We DO give them a return flow of Blood, the Blood of Choronozon. Or in special cases, if we like an individual, they are given a taste of our own Blood-Essence. A case of this is shown in the MSS Azanigin (an internal ToB publication distributed only to limited, approved members of their Satanic temple). The Czar fed the young boy his blood before he went to the nuthouse. The Czar, The Blood Mistress, and myself are described in some detail in part one. Czar is the smoker, I obviously am the Master of the Tempel, and the woman petting the cat is the Blood-Mistress. We always put them through experiences that “imprint” the ToB into their minds. We may offer them the fleshy pleasure of a demonic woman, we may put them through harsh ordeals, we alter their state of consciousness etc. Each act that puts them in an ecstatic or altered state they associate with the ToB, thus the ToB is eventually their God. This Tempel is in many ways a social programming experiment. while we do create fanatics, we must make the “fake” adherents’ entries look as if it is obviously their will and good for them to serve the ToB. It has to be subtle. In the later stages it becomes more overt and at that point is too late for them to change. They become so alienated from humanity that, well, haha, if they tried to go back they will still cause so much disruption. Saturn descends…This is good for now, In blood, Bl KB ToB.”

According to several pieces of literature authored by Sutter and his accomplices in the Tempel ov Blood, the group specializes in “infiltrating” right-wing groups and using psy-ops to bring out their “Sinister” (a word used in a Satanic esoteric context) side. Their stated goal is to push their victims to engage in murder, rape, and other forms of violence in order to sow chaos.

Their videos on Youtube portray sadistic rituals, ranging from self-flagellation to waterboarding. Another video by a man who receives their secret members-only publication, Predator, describes images of children being abused on film.

While it’s possible that the aforementioned images and videos are fakes, this sick behavior is being propagated with the financial backing of the FBI.

So far, outside of one leaked document, attempts to obtain documents related to Sutter, Tempel ov Blood and so on are either stonewalled or given a Glomar response.

If Kaleb Cole ultimately decides to take his case to trial, the public may finally get to see the full extent of the FBI’s subsidization of satanic, pedophile and terrorist propaganda, and the full role of American intelligence services in ruining the minds of young political dissidents.