Leaked Documents Suggest The FBI and British Intelligence Are Using COINTELPRO Tactics Against Nationalists


Originally published at National Justice.

Internal files of the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) and the FBI recently leaked to Yahoo News reveal a nefarious scheme to utilize Satanism in dissident groups as a means to demoralize activists, splinter groups, and cause individuals to “disengage.”

The document, titled “The Order of Nine Angles Playing Influential Role Among Some RMVEs (Racially Motivated Violent Extremists),” claims the “Siege Network” (accelerationist fans of James Mason’s book Siege) on Telegram is a hub of Satanists belonging to a secret society called the Order of Nine Angles (O9A).

According to the analysts, O9A can be used as a tool for causing divisions and deradicalizing nationalists by morally repulsing them, “We assess that exposure to O9A’s doctrines may increase internal conflict and loss of members among already fractious RMVE groups. Many RMVEs believe that groups espousing Satanist beliefs are ideologically impure and that their pro-Satanism members seek to destabilize the group.”

American intelligence officials also appear to be closely monitoring right-wing internet squabbles and hoping to exploit them.

The FBI and NCTC refer specifically to a dispute between The Daily Stormer and AtomWaffen Division (AWD) as evidence of O9A’s effectiveness in causing distractions and people giving up, “Some AWD (AtomWaffen Division) members’ embracement of O9A’s violent extremist interpretation of Satanism created friction in the group, which has led to multiple members leaving AWD since 2018. AWD’s promotion of Satanism also led some prominent RMVEs, such as the founder of the RMVE website The Daily Stormer, to criticize AWD for allegedly allowing “satanic doomsday cultists” to infiltrate the group.”

It should be noted that while Andrew Anglin is referred to as a “racially motivated violent extremist” in the document, he has never been charged with a crime and his website openly disavows violence.

The report concludes that O9A is a useful instrument for causing “disengagement” through private entities that it does not name, “In addition, some RMVEs who have become disillusioned because of an RMVE group’s promotion of O9A’s violent extremist ideology may be candidates for interventions by non-law enforcement partners designed to facilitate their disengagement from terrorism-related activities.”


Two days ago it was revealed by the Daily Mail that the UK Home Office’s Research, Information and Communications Unit (RICU) had “infiltrated” the Order of the 9 Angles.

RICU is a Cold War-inspired black ops unit that is dedicated to covertly manipulating the public and destroying political opposition by inventing personal smears against targeted dissidents, creating elaborate honeypots and front groups, and steering discourse around contentious topics through propaganda disseminated via intelligence operatives posing as journalists.

The unit, brought back in 2007, cut its teeth with Muslims, but now it is being used against nationalists to dissuade them from engaging in political advocacy.

Both the FBI and British Home Office publicly claim they do not know who controls the supposed Nazi, Al-Qaeda collaborating terrorist Satanic group in question, nor how many members they have. Their only presence appears to be online, mostly on Telegram and the defunct forum “Fascist Forge.”

So far, the stateside “terror plots” blamed on O9A in the NCTC leaked document were driven entirely by undercover FBI agents and their informants, suggesting that O9A’s supposed spread is inorganic.

In the ongoing case against US soldier Ethan Melzer, the FBI’s criminal complaint claims Melzer conspired with other Nazi Satanists in a “Siege” themed chatroom to provide intelligence on his unit’s whereabouts to Al Qaeda. The supposed O9A member who talked him into the plot and organized contact with a fake Al Qaeda agent is exposed in the affidavit as a paid informant. Melzer is pleading not guilty in his case.

Jacob Kaderli, another young man referenced, was entrapped last year by undercover FBI agents in a convoluted terror plot the federal government devised and pressured him to partake in. Kaderli was a member of “The Base,” which itself was accidentally exposed as an FBI honeypot by Antifa doxers who identified Rinaldo Nazzaro, a former FBI operative and current private intelligence contractor, as its leader.

In Britain, most of those ensnared in government concocted Nazi-Satanist “terror” plots are teenagers. Last year, British courts sentenced an autistic boy to almost seven years in prison for being an O9A supporter and allegedly planning to blow up Synagogues and attack critical infrastructure. He was 14-years-old at the time of the supposed offense.

British Security Service’s Involvement In Combat 18  

While the FBI’s COINTELPRO program in the 1960s is well-documented, the British government has engaged in similar intelligence operations more recently.

When the British National Party (BNP), under the leadership of John Tyndall, began making inroads in local elections during the early 1990s, a parallel and initially friendly organization, Combat 18, emerged around the same time.

C18, as it came to be known, was founded by a man named Charlie Sargeant with help from American Harold Covington.

Initially, Tyndall enjoyed the enthusiasm of C18 members, who promised to help defend against “antifa” groups that were attacking BNP events.

The relationship quickly soured when C18 began attacking the BNP for its parliamentary approach, which they saw as inferior to C18’s open avowal of terrorism — “direct action” — to achieve political ends. Later, C18 members launched a campaign of ruthless beatings of lone BNP members and became a source of gossip and slander against other nationalist leaders in the British scene.

In 1995, Tyndall wrote an editorial in the BNP’s newspaper Spearhead  outlining C18’s irrational and violent war to destroy the BNP, despite both sharing similar goals and enemies. In it, he states his belief that C18 was being influenced by MI5 and the Special Branch, with help from the FBI in America, in a ploy to disrupt and discredit the British nationalist movement.

A year and a half later, C18 leader Charlie Sargeant murdered Christopher Castle during a power struggle for control of the group with Wilf Browning.

According to an investigative piece on the incident, Sargeant and Browning told police during their interrogations that they had friends in high places and wanted to speak to the Special Branch (a British counter-terrorism agency). They tried to use their service to the unit as a way to get out of trouble. Tyndall’s suspicions were confirmed: Sargeant and Browning were indeed state assets and had special license to commit crimes.

A chapter in researcher Larry O’Hara’s 1994 book Turning Up the Heat: Mi5 After the Cold War  suggests that Combat 18 was partially organic, but then was taken over by MI5 agents and informants as both a counter-intelligence project to undermine and divide the BNP, as well as a honeypot to peel away the most violent outliers in the National Front and BNP with the intention of later entrapping them in bogus terror plots to justify their crackdowns.

As for C18’s other “founder,” Harold Covington, nationalists such as William Pierce have for decades suspected he was himself an FBI asset and agent provocateur. Covington was known for inventing lies from whole cloth about high profile nationalists in America and loudly broadcasting them, including that they were police informants, thieves, homosexuals, pedophiles, secret Jews, and other baseless gossip.

Left-wing activist Nick Martin filed a FOIA request to see the FBI’s files on Covington in December 2018, but the government continues to drag its feet in providing them according to Martin’s most recent update last month on MuckRock.

If Covington is confirmed to have been an intelligence operative, then MI5 and the FBI have recently collaborated in these nefarious conspiracies against nationalist dissidents.

COINTELPRO Is Alive and well 

Looking at these documents, and the history of similar operations, it is likely that groups like O9A are little more than a psychological operation intended to demoralize activists and farm white “terrorists” they can parade for an eager, anti-white media.

What is certain is that both the FBI and RICU in the UK are being deployed to crush peaceful and legal political criticisms of the government and its policies.

To try and infuse Satanism, pedophilia and other forms of sadism into the cause of people wanting a say over their country is a tactic that governments reserve for foreign enemies. In 2021, the enemy is the people they govern.