XYZ Live #146 – Action Zealandia


On Monday evening Matty and I spoke with Hector from Action Zealandia, a nationalist organisation from New Zealand. It was an easy conversation, as our Kiwi cousins face the same challenges as true Australians.

The stream abruptly ends, as YouTube had a heart attack just as we were about to share Action Zealandia’s Telegram channel. The bug was Google-wide and it made headlines. There was also a 4G outage this week on the Optus network. This is intriguing, as this video predicts that if Biden won the US election they would shut down the internet so they can disappear anti-establishment influencers.

Maybe it was a test run? Who knows, but if the tinfoil hat fits, wear it.


Matty also spoke well on Sunday evening. He covered the massive pro-Trump rallies all across America.

Tonight will be the last Uncuckables. James Fox Higgins and Richard Woolstencroft will return to help us wrap up the show. Find us at The Uncuckables at 8:30 pm AEDT.