How I Became An Ethnic Nationalist


Originally published July 11, 2020.

Stephen Wells

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Britain, Christmas 1984. I’m 15 years old and I’ve just been knocked out by a Skinhead with a sucker punch after I stumbled out of a Party drunk. It’s the second time I’ve been set upon. Skinheads were still a thing back in the 1980’s. The stereotypical cliché of the Neo Nazi dumb thug was once a reality. Russel Crowe’s Romper Stomper in Australia. Violent hatred depicted in the 80’s movie My Beautiful Launderette for England. It’s not all myth. They hated long haired heavy metal fans such as myself just as much as they hated “Pakies” or “Coons”. In England they were the embodiment of our yobbishness. Four times in my teenage years I was singled out and bashed for no other reason than because the thug or thugs decided that I was as good a mark as any to relieve the boredom of disenfranchised white men. If there had been a Black man or a Pakistani Man to beat up, then they would have been the target instead of me, but not having one to hand (or Doc Martins to boot) a lanky Beta male with long hair was a good enough substitute.

As you can imagine, getting my head kicked in by skinheads on multiple occasions didn’t particularly warm me to the notion of Nationalism. It seemed to me that all the followers wanted was an excuse to fight and if we kicked out all of the blacks and Indians then that would simply increase the likelihood that they would look for trouble with me instead.

I didn’t have much contact with kids of different races growing up. When I was 7 years old and lived in New Zealand for a year, one of my best friends was a Maori called Adam. When I was 8 years old there was a single black girl in my class for a year before she moved away. All I really remember of her was that her name was Pauline and she made me cry once by pulling my hair. There was also a Pakistani immigrant called Shazard Aslam, but we all just ignored him because he didn’t speak any English if he spoke at all which was rare.

People of different ethnic backgrounds mainly lived in the inner cities. These were where the rough schools were. But the white kids were just as brutal as the black ones. At an inter school rugby match once, the kids chased our minibus down the school driveway throwing glass milk bottles at us, after we won by 50 points and our toughest guy got in a fight during the game with one of their players. So I never really had a sense of white man good, black man bad. I knew good and bad people were both.

I got to know my first black guys after I left school and got a job selling household products door to door around the country. Paul and Richard were on my team. I got on well with them both for a while, but Paul was a real arsehole and we eventually got into a fight which I came out worst of.

Not looking like your mates means something

For years I’ve tried to not notice race. To be above it. To not be defined by it. To treat each person by the content of their character not the colour of their skin. Individually it’s not too hard to do. You meet someone. You suppress your instinctive prejudices and suspicions. You get along. You make friends. Why can’t the whole world just do the same? Why can’t we all love each other?

Quite simply this: because when you a walking alone at night and you see a group of half a dozen youths in front of you, would you prefer for those youths to look like you or not look like you?

The skinheads beat me up because I didn’t look like them. Not looking like your mates means something. It’s always meant something. The greater the differences are the greater the potential for hostility. This is primal. This is a genetic survival trait that pre dates humanity and evolved millions of years ago. True, the gift of humanity gives each of us the ability to override our animal instincts, but the instincts are never eradicated and are always tugging on us. We can’t defeat racism, because “racism” is a subset of an inherent trait necessary in every life form for survival.

This truth is something that every thinking ethnic nationalist knows. But it’s taken me half a lifetime to wake up to it. The problem is that in European civilisation our collective success at controlling our instincts has left us blind to the fact that we haven’t actually defeated them and never will. I patted myself on the back at my diversity of friends. I used it as proof that race is just a social construct and only a matter of melanin plus socially conditioned prejudice. Worse, I projected that sense of moral arrogance onto everyone else. If I could ignore race, then so could everyone else.

It’s true, everyone else can ignore race, just like I can. But they won’t. Because it’s instinctive. It’s genetic. It’s hardwired into the DNA of every animal on the planet. It’s tribalism, it’s speciesism. It’s predator, prey, survival of the fittest, etc, etc. You might as well say everyone can have a body like a Hollywood Hunk. Sure they could. It’s just that they would have to overcome the natural instinct to avoid pain to do so. Building up muscle requires regularly pushing your muscles to exhaustion. So most won’t. No matter how much you rationalise the benefits of it.

We simply find it easier to connect with people who are most like ourselves. We feel more at ease, we are less on our guard, our survival mechanisms can be relaxed more naturally. A skinhead can grow his hair, a heavy metal fan can cut his. We can change our clothes and make ourselves look like each other. Doing so makes it much easier to be safe on a dark night with a bunch of bored and testosterone filled youths in our path. Sure, thugs are thugs and you might get mugged regardless, but again, ask yourself honestly, if you are confronted by thugs would your chances of talking your way free be better or worse if you are of a different race?

Meme: Science – Species

We are meant to be racist

We can change our clothes and our hairstyles but we can’t change our race. No other species has such a diversity of appearance. Two chimpanzees in separate parts of Africa look almost identical but have a greater deviation in DNA than an Amazon pigmy and a 6ft tall Swede. We have had approximately 70,000 years to evolve and diversify and we have evolved to physically distinguish ourselves from one another at an incredible speed on an evolutionary time scale. And it’s not simply a matter of adapting to different physical environments. Different tribes in Africa don’t look the same. They don’t look anything like each other. They all have the same hot sun. They all had a similar hunter gatherer existence until less than a few centuries ago. But evolution has seen fit for us to easily recognise people from tribes that are not our own. Which means we are meant to be wary of each other. We are meant to be suspicious. We are meant to be racist.

I don’t want to limit my friends to white Anglo Saxon people only, but looking back on my life I realise how few friends I’ve had, relatively speaking, who weren’t. It’s simply easier to feel at home around people who look the same, speak the same language and have a similar background. Some say that having the same culture and language is enough to overcome differences in appearance that race brings. But first of all, culture is not immune from the influence of race. Race affects more than just our physical appearance. It influences our character and our personalities. True, environment and upbringing appear to be much more dominant in determining who we become, but it is pseudoscience to claim that there are no broad generalities that also play their part. My friends of different ethnicities simply had enough cultural and linguistic similarities with me that it became easier to set race aside.

I have come to realise that there is nothing wrong with individually having diversity amongst friends. In fact I wholeheartedly encourage it. Culturally and racially. It a very healthy thing to do too. But there is something profoundly wrong with deliberately trying to integrate all the tribes of humanity to live alongside each other. Diversity plus proximity equals conflict. Whether it’s people dressed as skinheads living in the same city as people dressed as rockers, or Pakistani Muslims living in the same city as white English Christians. Physical differences matter and the differences between skinheads and rockers are much easier to overcome than differences in race.

As the ethnic minorities have grown in my home country of England so have the ethnic conflicts. Civic Nationalists claim that this conflict is cultural not racial. They lie. They lie by way of half truths. Culture wars are a thing. Race wars are a thing. Sometimes they overlap, sometimes one dominates the other. Mainstream Conservatives claim that we can all get along. They tell half truths too. Yes we can. No, many of us simply don’t, because enough people simply won’t. The majority will, they say. So what? That is my reply! When it comes to trouble we all know that a minority is all it takes. At school, all it took was little Johnny to ruin it for everyone. You could never change little Johnny and it doesn’t matter that it’s not fair that he has to spoil everything. Life’s not fair. It never was and it never will be. Pakistani rape gangs have replaced British Skinheads. They are a minority, but Pakistani Muslims still live with mainly other Pakistani Muslims. White indigenous English who can afford to move to live with other white people do too. Those who are left, form either multicultural friends or form ethnic and religious gangs. The mainstream propaganda will focus on the multicultural friends, but it doesn’t change the fact that homogenous violent gangs are still a natural outcome as well. The majority stick with their own. The minority fight against the the other groups. Either way, we don’t all get along equally. We have group preferences and prejudices.

The Gateway

My journey to ethnic nationalism wasn’t some cosmic revelation. It was a process of deduction that came as the result of my investigation into the claims of Global Warming. Sounds like a weird connection I know. But I discovered that there were various groups pushing for a Global system of Government and that they were pushing a scientific fraud to help bring it about. Once I discovered what they were doing I vowed to do what I could to stop them. This led to looking into what else they were advocating for. Top of the list was open borders and a multicultural society. No more Countries. No more Nation States. One tribe. One race. The human race.

But it’s a lie. They know as well as I now know, that people can never all be the same. That there will always be diverse cultures and diverse races. They count on the fact that diversity plus proximity equals conflict. They are deliberately trying to engineer it. On the one hand they have coopted Movies and TV to spin us propaganda in the form of entertainment with examples such as Star Trek to lull us into thinking that Chekhov, Uhura and Spock can all just get along (despite the fact that the culture of Star Ship Enterprise is entirely homogeneously American). On the other hand they are the ones stoking racial tensions and doing their damndest to stress as many people as possible to act on instinct. They are both pushing for mass immigration on the one hand and inciting us to kill each other on the other hand.

You can’t make an homogenous world. People are different. Culture will always be a thing. Race will always be a thing. We are not meant to like everyone. We have Nations so we can live amongst people that are most like ourselves. People who will naturally tend to be similar in looks and in culture to ourselves. This gives us the best chance of getting along with those around us. People who are different to us can live peacefully in a different nation. Then we can choose to visit or not. We can like them or we can hate them. But they aren’t among us, so we reduce conflict. It’s not perfect. It’s no guarantee. It’s simply the best option and a tried and tested method which the majority of us will naturally gravitate to if left to our own devices.

But there are some selfish people in this world, with power or money or both who think that their lives will be best suited with a single Global Government. The only way to install a single controlling power over such a diverse set of people is to set them against each other. The best way to set them against each other is simply to put them in close proximity with each other and manufacture group grievances.

To install a new system you first have to abolish the existing one and to do that you need to overthrow the group that is responsible for creating it. That means predominantly white Northern European men of Christian heritage. Hence why we see such vilification of them at the moment.

It was the realisation that the racism accusations were simply a way to quell opposition to an insidious plan to divide and conquer the whole world that finally made me shed my Liberal leanings and become an ethnic Nationalist. It made me realise that I needed to stop worrying about what my non Anglo Saxon friends thought about me. I now openly advocate for immigration to be stopped and to work towards restoring a more ethnically and culturally homogeneous Australia.

If we started this today it might still take generations to achieve. A level of multiculturalism is now reality and we have to manage that as best as we can. But we can stop increasing the risks that large scale demographic ethnic and cultural changes pose to our society by simply stopping any further immigration. We have a parasitic financial class that will scream blue murder at this and do everything it can to kill its host. Not just vilifying people like me as neo Nazi racists but deliberately crashing the economy if we dare to take back control of our borders. It only survives because of an immigration Ponzi scheme and it will happily try and take us down with it if we threaten its lifeblood. But our wealth is in the food we produce, the homes that exist, not in the price we can sell them for or the debt that has been assigned to them.

We need an identity

My journey to ethnic Nationalism was complete when I realised that skinhead thugs beating me up between the ages of 14 and 19 are not the result of Nationalism. They are instead the natural product of the Agenda to dismantle it. Because there are always some young men in society with a greater propensity for violence than the rest. Typically the feeling of alienation and not fitting in will be the trigger for that to manifest. The more differences a young man sees around him, the greater the risk, the greater the craving to belong and to hate on those where he feels he doesn’t belong. It’s the whole notion that we can all just be anything in the same community that leaves young men believing that they are, in fact, nothing. We need an identity. It needs to be cohesive. It needs to be shared with those around us. And race, culture, religion, history, they’re all important aspects of this. Yes we can exist without them. Yes we can get along with other groups, other races, other Nations, but we each also need our own. The best remedy for thugs is a sense of belonging. This is why they formed gangs in the first place. Society failed to provide them with one, so they created their own.

Ethnic Nationalism is not hateful. Globalism is hateful. It is Globalism that provokes our natural animal instincts and suppresses our gift of humanity. That exploits our instincts and subverts our reason for evil ends.

We should separate not segregate. We need more Nations not less. We need to accept and embrace our racism, not vilify and suppress it. It’s ok to hate, just don’t live with people whom you do. You won’t fight if you don’t meet. It’s much easier to live and let live if you’re not living together with those who are not the same.

This was the journey I travelled. This is how I became an ethnic Nationalist. I hope you will join me.

Stephen Wells is the author of The Great Coronavirus Swindle and Confessions of a Climate Change Denier.