The art of the political deal


The general assumption since the disputed conclusion of the US presidential election has been that Trump is simply out of his depth and should concede with dignity. You win some, you lose some; time to give it up. This whole keep your dignity thing is one widely pushed by our enemies on the prog Marxist left as well as the slackjaws and fair weather political sailors in our midst. Our enemies push it because it has worked for them so many times in the past. The trick is to mock our side’s sense of fair play and decency and thus entice us to roll over and quit with the aforementioned and oh so valuable dignity.

Our own feeble idiots and credible imbeciles who have spent a lifetime playing the part of the media minded conservatives are all too willing to get on board with this line of attack. Losing with dignity is all that they know and with that they have been highly successful.

These people are so very dangerous because they affect the morale of the little man. From proudly declaring that the whole thing was a fix and that we will fight, the little man watches in disbelief and with a growing feeling of awful dread as those same credible imbeciles who propose to speak for him begin their careful sabotage of their own man. Soon the little man withdraws into a shell and refuse to speak about what has happened, as the will to fight slips away and he goes back to watching the sportsball with the boys and bitching about that stolen election.

All of this has played out the same way since November 3rd 2020, except for one crucial difference – our own man not only knows how to fight but has been preparing for this battle for a long time. For those in the know the fight began against a Democrat steal over two years’ ago. I would suggest that the fight began a very long time before that. In other words, Trump has been preparing for this fight his entire professional life.

We forget to our shame and to our enemies’ peril that Trump made himself in the brutal battleground of New York real estate. All that matters in that world is closing the deal and the art of such an undertaking is not lost on Trump. The pieces have to be in place long before any real move is made. Consider the news that yesterday Trump began purging the deep state of many of its main operatives, people such as Henry Kissinger and Madeleine Albright. A common criticism of Trump has been that he did not make these sort of moves far earlier in his presidency. But the value of such a play only counts in its effectiveness and ability to stick. Removing these deep state operatives four years’ ago would have given our enemies much time to assemble their forces and implement their own countermeasures. Doing it six weeks before he supposedly must leave the presidential office is a shock and awe tactic that will leave the deep state and the Democrats floundering. Doing it at the same time as filing the Powell suit is over the top brutality.

Trump is the man of the hour because Trump not only knows how to fight, he doesn’t know how to give in. The Democrats and the Deep State have been lulled into a false sense of security after four decades of watching with glee as patriot attempts to stymie their influence failed miserably, most often from within. The Tea Party movement was the best example of this in action. Over the next few weeks, blow after blow will be landed in the middle of their ground. The trickle of individuals rolling over to save their own skins will turn into a flood. All that we must do is to continue to openly keep the faith and support our man in prayer and deed. Far from being out of his depth, Trump is proving to understand much better than his opponents the art of the political deal.

Originally published at Pushing Rubber Downhill. You can purchase Adam’s books here.