Food For Thought – The Senile Symbionese Shande

Tell me again how Joe and Ho won this election “legally”. Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher.

Firstly I can’t stress this enough. One of the largest per capita demographics that voted for Biden with a 56 point margin were Jews (77% of Jews voting Biden). Jews contribute more than half of all donations to the Democrat Party.

This election steal is front to back an overt Jew coup!

The Zionist establishment couldn’t stand having another term of the lingering veneer of a “White Supremacist” in the Oval Office, which as we know was just a Psyop from the get-go anyway.

President Trump, who won more non-White votes than any GOP candidate since the 1960s, has admittedly received a degree of Whitelash this time around for various treacheries.

But despite all of that NOBODY objectively believes Biden won this election, let alone the MSM assertion that Biden won the most votes ever in a Presidential election.

You would literally have to be one of the stupidest people on the planet to buy the Biden/Harris steal. These monumentally awful candidate picks by the Democrats make the flaws of Trump seem so minute by comparison, that it will inevitably initiate backlash against those who gave us this coup.

Don’t let the Mishnah micro-minority tell you they’re being “persecuted unjustly”.

Remember Jews have absolutely no respect for the life and liberty of gentile American citizens, let alone their votes. Hence gentiles will be resented by those who orchestrated this coup, but without what works opposing this coup gentiles will not survive.

Now I might just be a humble aged care worker, but when your Presidential candidate is one step away from needing me to wipe his senile ass, and his running mate, who like Biden’s kids, is married to a Jew and has pledged unconditional support for Israel, do you seriously think this is going to instill ANY confidence in the system?

Food For Thought.

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