Clown World – The Mary Wollstonecraft Edition


Mary Wollstonecraft was an early Feminist writer who lived from 1759-1797. She died 10 days after giving birth to the writer of Frankenstein, Mary Shelley, nee Godwin. This week a statue of Mary Wollstonecraft was unveiled in London. This headline first got my attention.

“A metal barbie on the crest of an £143,000 turd”
Mary Wollstonecraft’s statue is a failed attempt to depict an “everywoman”

This is the statue from a distance, you really get the sense of the metal barbie don’t you?

This is a close up of the “barbie”, what a face, a face only a robot mother could love!

Ohh yes they decided to depict a Feminist Philosopher nude. Which apparently even in Feminist circles is controversial. So they decided that it is not a statue of Mary Wollstonecraft after all, but an “everywomen” who represents, well, every women, and that she is emerging from the first ‘wave’ of Feminism. One critic summed it up as a “Pornhub Christmas decoration”.

This was not the only option, on the left is a design by a man, Martin Jennings and on the right is one by a women, Maggi Hamblin.

The one on the left I think is quite good, so of course the one on the right was chosen. Maggi Hamblin has also done a tribute to Oscar Wilde…you’re going to love it!

I believe that this is also a tribute to a replicator accident from Star Trek.

Keats said that “Beauty is a joy forever”, but he didn’t live in Clown World…lucky bastard!

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