Strange days in the land of the free


It’s just a few weeks out from the US election and to say that things are getting weird is somewhat of an understatement. The timing of the media release of Hunter Biden’s laptop data has been superb. Stacy McCain wonders if Biden can really win this way:

Never in my life have I witnessed anything quite like this. The Biden campaign announced that Biden would be in seclusion until Thursday, when he is scheduled for the next debate with President Trump. So they’re taking the candidate off the campaign trail for four full days. Meanwhile, Trump is doing multiple rallies every day — with massive crowds of thousands — and yet, we’re told, Biden is ahead in every poll.

If it keeps going this way then Biden won’t even be in the running on the big day of the vote. It will instead be his diversity picked deputy, some Indian female woke blow-in who has spent her life speaking down to those horrible whites whose country she has been forced to endure.

Keep in mind that Kamala Harris was the one who got Planned Parenthood off the hook when she was AG of California after a couple of enterprising amateur journalists caught them on video admitting to selling baby parts. In this interview on CNN the other day Harris was talking with Anderson Cooper regarding Rudy Guiliani. According to Harris, Guiliani “has clearly broken many laws”. She rattled on about this for some time but then Cooper, who is on her side, came at her with a question that he must have assumed she had the answer for, which was a request for details of the laws that Guiliani had supposedly broken.

To say that Harris was left dumbstruck by this question is putting it mildly. She gulped air like a beached sunburned goldfish as she attempted to come up with an answer that didn’t leave her looking like the obvious fraud that she is. The short of it was that she doesn’t exactly know which laws that Guiliani broke but there must have been lots, with the inference being that she will find them.

In other words, she’ll get the guy and then come up with the crimes afterwards. Perhaps even push through some specific legislation and then retroactively apply it.

As the ludicrous days go by, more and more I am coming to the conclusion that it is this woman who is the real candidate running against Trump. That Biden is a stooge because even the Democrat heartland is not ready for this sort of woman to rule over them. It’s a ticket to the presidency by the backdoor. Now all she has to do is let Biden do his thing while the vote count is massively manipulated. Strange days indeed.

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