Thomas Sewell discusses the most BASED photo on the Internet


The following photo has been doing the rounds on the internet, and it is beautiful.

A white mother pumping out white child after beautiful white child. It goes against the constant conditioning to which our people are subjected, and affirms our optimism for the future and our determination to live. Naturally it has divided the wheat from the chaff. Our enemies hate it.

Tom Sewell, whom you can find over at Telegram, has written on a subject often touched on at The XYZ and on livestreams; the importance of not obsessing over the hypocrisy of the left, but in understanding that every position they hold is calculated to hurt us, because they hate us and want us dead:

As previously stated in the above article and previous articles regarding the enemies morality, everything can be put in one of two columns, that being;

  • Is this in the interest of the White Race (Based)
  • Is this against the interest of the White Race (Cringe).

I have seen ‘Based’ photos similar to above circulate the internet and especially twitter and reddit, really anything that shows White people having more than 1 kid, and the kids are White and healthy, get an onslaught of abuse from the vile and demonic jews, coloured people and white traitors.

As explained earlier, our enemies will love and ingratiate anything destructive to the white race and will hate and spit vile at anything that is good for it.

Keep this in mind the next time you hear a Cuckservative Social commentator or e-celeb complain for the 300th time about the “hypocrisy of the left”.


(Which is why ‘the left’ defend homos and islam in the same breath, they cant even consciously explain why they do, they just do, like a demonic force, our university of racism has studied this subject in depth and found that we have more introspection of their psyche than they do of their own.)

They are your enemy, you don’t complain about your enemy not following your rules, you recognise them as your enemy and deal with them.

They are not on earth to have an intellectual discussion with you about the morality of destroying White civilisation.

They are a force of the Universe here to harden steel. Our enemies are a forge, merely strengthening us. Our job is to overcome the test, not argue with it while it rips our neck out.

Photos like above are an acid test, meaning; if the person you show it to doesn’t immediately recognise that it is “Based”, and immediately signal how positive their emotions are that the above woman has done what looks to be such an incredible job for our life’s mission, then I would suggest to you that the person was our enemy.

Like holding up a crucifix to a demon, an image of a beautiful large white family being held up to the modern day liberal or commie, or jew or radicalised non white, will cause the most spiteful and demonic reaction, you will get to see the cursed creature in its truest form.

Here is Tom speaking on the sacrifices of our ancestors in response to the ceremonial submission of the Box Hill Police Station in 2019:

And here is a longer speech from The XYZ Conference:

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