Say It With A Picture – When They Go Low, We Give Them A Ticket To Hell

Saint Rittenhouse vs. Satanic Rosenbaum. Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

With an overwhelming majority of the public supporting justice for Kyle Rittenhouse, whilst not all being clued into the hand of the rootless cosmopolitans, it’s important to understand who’s who in this game of boogaloo.

Those who’ve seen Kyle know he’s very high on the moral high-ground in this skirmish, particularly given he was in the process of retreating before being forced to the ground by armed anarchists.

Joseph Rosenbaum, the lowlife who went in to attack Kyle whilst on the ground, ostensibly got what he f-cking deserved, and anyone saying otherwise likely supports (whether overtly or covertly) the outright cold-blooded murder of Aaron Danielson.

Let’s hope Aaron’s assassin Michael Forest Reinoehl is roasting alongside Rosenbaum in hell!

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