Plate of Origin is racist


This is confusing.

The Channel 7 show Plate of Origin is a cooking contest purporting to showcase Australia’s so-called cultural diversity. But I thought it was rude to make assumptions about a person based on we’re they’re from.

I thought it was rude to assume that a person was from another country based on how they look.

I thought we were all Australian. We shouldn’t be proud of our genetic heritage, because that is merely an accident of birth and it has no bearing on who you are, or your personality or your strengths and weaknesses.

As usual, this only counts if you are an Anglo. It is racist to consider yourself Australian based on your genetic heritage which connects you to the Anglo/Saxon/Celtic people who conquered and founded Australia. It is racist to define Australia as the culmination of the hard work, the history and the culture of our British ancestors. Australia must now be defined as merely a collection of all the random people from random countries who live here.

The definition of Australia, according to The Narrative, is a mush, a mishmash, a potpourri, a mixture. It is everything and it is nothing.

This does not apply to people from other countries.

Team Cameroon” does not consist of a person of mixed German and native descent and another of mixed Indian and Chinese descent, but two stereotypically African looking sisters who say that they were born in Cameroon, but they have been in Australia for so long that they are now Australian. They are vague as to the exact moment they ceased to be Cameroonians and became Australian, or when and why they at least became Australian but retain the ability to represent Cameroon in a cooking contest. They conform to a Eurocentric view of the world by referring to themselves as being born in “Cameroon”, a colonialist invention of racist Europeans, rather than identifying by the tribe into which they were born. They also appear to believe that Australians have never tasted spice. They are expected to be traditional and dance like trained monkeys for their anti-white white inner city masters who like to show off how open minded they are.

Team India does not consist of a a mixed race Colombian and Japanese immigrant, and the offspring of a Botswanan and Qatari who just happened to be holidaying in Goa in the 80’s, hooked up and decided to stay. Instead they look stereotypically Indian. Intriguingly, they also look stereotypically high caste.

Never forget that Indian culture was basically founded by our Ayran ancestors thousands of years ago. After a thousand years and more, the last visible trace of the former master people is often seen in the lighter skin color which its blood left behind in the subjugated race, and in a petrified culture which it had originally created. For, once the actual and spiritual conqueror lost himself in the blood of the subjected people, the fuel for the torch of human progress was lost. Just as, through the blood of the former masters, the color preserved a feeble gleam in their memory, likewise the night of cultural life is gently illumined by the remaining creations of the former light-bringers. They shine through all the returned barbarism and too often inspire the thoughtless observer of the moment with the opinion that he beholds the picture of the present people before him, whereas he is only gazing into the mirror of the past.

It is then possible that such a people will a second time, or even more often in the course of its history, come into contact with the race of those who once brought it culture, and the memory of former encounters will not necessarily be present. Unconsciously the remnant of the former master blood will turn toward the new arrival, and what was first possible only by compulsion can now succeed through the people’s own will. A new cultural wave makes its entrance and continues until those who have brought it are again submerged in the blood of foreign peoples.

To add insult to injury, the culture which our ancestors founded thousands of years ago is now sold back to us via foreign invaders as having sprung from their own hand, in Australia, a land only recently colonised by our ancestors but already falling victim to the age old tragedy of mongrelisation and fragmentation.

All of this demonstrates that so-called “multiculturalism” is merely a codeword for ethnic nationalism and invasion. When foreign people invade Australia they do not disperse randomly into the continent, nor do they associate and breed with random people based on their worldview and their interests. Foreigners in Australia generally live amongst their own ethnic group and they base their identity on their foreign ethnicity.

Foreigners are encouraged to do so by Australia’s traitor government which legislates that Australia is “multicultural”, when in reality Australia is occupied by different ethnic groups which have staked out their own portion of Australia. The term “Balkanisation” refers to the fact that the different ethnic groups which occupy the Balkan Peninsula used to live in a multiethnic communist country, but they fragmented into smaller and smaller regions when the state holding it all together fell apart and ancient bitter rivalries were given a free hand.

Perhaps in the future this phenomena will be known by the updated term: