ABC parasites suck the blood of Australians ahead of another Great Depression


Nobody in Australia is the least bit surprised. The only people worse than ABC staff are the globalist bankers who rule the world. Oh, and Antifa. And all the other Marxists. And those awful sign language people.  Actually they are worst of the lot. I hate those bloody twerps who throw their arms around like retards.

So yeah, ABC staff are officially the fifth lowest form of life on the planet.

From the Daily Telegraph:

ABC staff have been branded “self-indulgent” for insisting on a pay rise when other public sector workers on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic have had their wages frozen.

Eighty per cent of the public broadcaster’s staff voted against a proposal to defer the pay rise for six months and to instead pocket the cash straight away.

The vote brought widespread condemnation when public sector workers in 112 government agencies including the department of health have had their pay frozen to help the nation counter a pandemic driven recession.

“This decision is out of line with public expectations,” Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister Ben Morton said.

“It has always been the Government’s expectation that the temporary wage increase deferral we announced in April is applied equally to all agencies in the Commonwealth public sector.”

Workers in publicly funded agencies that have had a 12-month pay freeze include Services Australia, the Australian Taxation Office and the Department of Health.

Mr Morton said the ABC staff vote was “an affront to those public servants who have worked so hard during the pandemic” and “disrespects the public servants who have had the deferral of wage increases applied to them, as well as their colleagues in the broader media sector”.

They might be the scum of the earth but they’re not stupid. These Marxists have served The Eye of Sauron well, and now The Great Eye is implementing its next stage in the plan toward total world domination.

The deracination and demoralisation of the West has been underway for a good century.

The point has been reached when this program of subversion has achieved as much as it can before a tipping point is reached and The Men of The West revolt, so this year it was time to coordinate a global lockdown using the pretext of a killer virus that has barely made a dint on global death stats.

From here it is simply a matter of keeping people under house arrest just long enough for them to beg for the vaccine but (again) not quite long enough for them to revolt.

Then you just let the vaccine work its magic.

As I said, these ABC parasites aren’t stupid. They have made the sound calculation that in six months that money will be worth a lot less than it is now, so they would rather have it now so they can spend it on things which will keep them alive.

Makes sense. It’s worth considering ourselves.

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