The coronavirus vaccine was always going to be mandatory


We told you so.

From 9 News:

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has declared today “a day of hope” as he announces the signing of a deal that will allow every Australian to get a free dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

It’s free! Yay!

Mr Morrison confirmed an agreement was reached with British pharmaceuticals giant AstraZeneca to secure 25 million doses of the vaccine being developed by Oxford University if it proves successful in human trials.

If successful, Australia would manufacture and supply vaccines on home soil.

“Today is a day of hope and Australia needs hope, the world needs hope, when it comes to this coronavirus,” Mr Morrison told reports this morning during a tour of AstraZeneca medical lab in Sydney.

“And should we be in a position for the trials to be successful, we would hope that this would be made available early next year. If can be done sooner than that, great.”

The whole thing is a set up.  You set the lockdown bar so low that just a few cases apparently justifies locking down an entire city, state or country.  People are forced to endure a torturous cycle of lockdown and temporary freedom.  People reach the logical conclusion that the only escape from this cycle is through a vaccine.  The I stand with Danners will practically demand one.  Those of us who have read and understand history ask, “what’s in the vaccine?”

But they haff vays of making us comply:

The vaccine would be “as mandatory as you can make it”, the PM said told 3AW earlier.

“I’m advised we’ll need about a 95 per cent vaccination rate across the country, that is the normal target range for when you’re having a vaccination program and we’ll be seeking to ensure that that is widely implemented,” Mr Morrison reaffirmed during today’s lab visit.

“I have a pretty strong view on vaccines, being the Social Services Minister that introduced ‘no jab, no play’,” he added.

Fuck you Scott Morrison.  Fuck you and your fucking curries, I hope they give you cancer of the arse.  Dead set serious, you cuck, you are as bad as Daniel Andrews.

This response is entirely reasonable, and it should be yours, despite the fact we all knew it was going to happen.

Here in Victoria, the police will be using drones to ensure we do not commit the heinous crime of travelling 5100 metres from our homes.

From Cauldron Pool:

Victorian Police are preparing to launch high powered surveillance drones to ensure civilians are complying with the state’s COVID-19 restrictions.

The drones will be used to monitor beaches and parks, patrol the border, locate individuals not wearing a mask, and notify authorities if a vehicle has travelled too far from the owner’s residence.

The ABC is prepping us for the use of ankle bracelets to ensure anyone who is deemed positive to the Diversity Flu stays under house arrest:

From the ABC:

Should people quarantining in Australia have to wear a tracking bracelet to stop them potentially spreading coronavirus?

Singapore last week became the latest country to introduce a version of the technology.

All incoming travellers to the country over the age of 12 are required to wear the wristband if they’re not staying in a dedicated quarantine facility. Authorities are alerted if they go outside or tamper with the device.

But would tracking people’s movements work here? Or do the risks outweigh any possible reward?


Australia has seen its share of quarantine or home isolation breaches.

Last week a man in Queensland absconded from mandatory hotel quarantine nine days into his 14-day isolation period.

People in Victoria who have been instructed to self-isolate are no longer allowed to leave their homes for exercise after checks last month on 3,000 people meant to be quarantining found more than 800 weren’t at home.

Dr Marietta Martinovic, an expert in electronic monitoring at RMIT University, says tracking devices could be considered in Australia.

“This is a very serious health issue, and we have to get people to care,” she tells ABC RN’s Law Report.

“One way of getting people to care is by imposing financial penalties … but also thinking about what could be some more stringent measures, and electronic monitoring is certainly an option.”

In New Zealand they are moving people to prison camps.

From Cauldron Pool:

All confirmed cases of COVID-19 in New Zealand will now be sent to mandatory quarantine facilities under the direction of the Health Minister.

Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield made the decision yesterday after revealing there were 13 new cases of coronavirus linked to an outbreak in south Auckland.

The order relies on Section 70 of the Health Act 1956 which allows health authorities to “require persons, places, buildings, ships, vehicles, aircraft, animals, or things to be isolated, quarantined, or disinfected as he thinks fit.”

Dr Bloomfield said mandatory quarantine will apply to both new cases, and if necessary, close family members who might be at risk. The facilities are said to have more stringent security and more health staff than regular managed isolation hotels.

No sleeping with the inmates then…

Let’s consider for a moment how we source meat in a modern civilisation.  I am saying this as a dedicated meat eater who believes in a natural order where the strong rule the weak and eat the tasty.  We could happily go out individually or in teams and hunt wild bulls and wild boar, but it is far easier for other people to keep large herds of domesticated cows and pigs to be slaughtered routinely, transported, stored, packaged and sold to us whenever we need meat.  Said herds are kept just comfortable enough, and either unaware or powerless enough so that they don’t rebel, stampede and either break free or kill us all.

Look at what is being done currently to the masses across the globe.  We are being forced to stay home, and we are kept busy working from home or being paid to goof off so it is not too unbearable.  The state is steadily ramping up its ability to control our every move and steadily ramping up the penalties for non-compliance.

All over a bad cold that only kills mostly old people and fat people.

It sounds like a pretext, it looks like a pretext and it smells like a pretext.  We are being herded in exactly the same way that we herd cattle.  Consider the fact that if abattoirs are forced in Victoria to operate at reduced capacity, farmers will be forced to destroy livestock and maintain smaller herds in coming seasons to remain viable.

They’ll need to keep increasing those penalties for non-compliance.

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