Media Condones Violence Against Whites For Words


One of the corporate media’s favourite stories are “racist says racist things on train, everyone shames him!” They get to virtue-signal and control the culture at the same time; it is perfect anti-white propaganda.

The next step is to normalise violence against anyone who says “racist” things, hence Antifa’s “punch a Nazi” meme. It does not matter how cowardly the violence is, they will always try to justify it.

A perfect example of this happened in London, where an African man coward punched a white man for saying “racist” things and knocked him out:

A racist yelling vile comments on a London Underground train was knocked out cold after one of his targets punched him in the face.

Video captured the white man, who calls himself Billy Steele, shouting at a group of black men on the same carriage for several minutes on the Central Line on Saturday.

In the video, the white man can be heard proclaiming it was “popular to be racist” and “this is my home, you are all going back”.

You can watch the video for yourself, the bloke is clearly unhinged, potentially mentally ill or drug affected too, not that the media care. They heard “racist” words like “this is my home” so in their minds this was totally justified, hence they reported this supposed “reaction”:

If you watch the video, you can clearly see his arms are down, and he was not looking at the coward punching him. People on the train are also cheering these African thugs on, congratulating them, as though we should be proud of such cowardice.

Most of the comments on the nEwS.cOm article are condemning the puncher at least, but that is beside the point. The media could have reported this as a coward punch, reverse the races and they do just that, but they did not, for obvious reasons.

The main lesson here being: around blacks, never relax.

Also, if you call a nigger a nigger, do not be surprised if he acts like a nigger, just sayin.

The good news is, white people are getting more ethnically conscious and there is nothing media scum can do about it.


A worrying new report from Hope Not Hate has found that the British far right is becoming more openly racist following the recent Black Lives Matter protests.

For many years, the far-right has been focused on Islamophobic views espoused by leaders such as Tommy Robinson. However, there now appears to be a more overtly racist focus, with a greater emphasis placed on White nationalism and the unashamed veneration of fascism.

This report focuses on the growth of the Patriotic Alternative group, an extreme White nationalist organisation launched in September 2019. This group openly calls for those who are not White to be ejected from the UK, suggesting a ‘shift towards more openly racial politics’.

Apparently, it is “worrying” that white people might actually start reasserting our own identities. This reminds me of Bain in The Dark Knight Rises, where he says “for you.”

That probably would have been a good meme actually, meh.

UNILAD’s article comes on the back of some excellent activism from Patriotic Alternative that made the commies flip-out:


Great work from them, the “White Lives Matter” meme is leftist kryptonite. They will soon start assaulting patriots for saying it, and it will only serve to wake our people up even more.

Bring it on.

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