Why isn’t there more Racism?

Brave Australian resists the demographic replacement of his people, Cronulla 2005. Source.

Originally published at Upon Hope on 5 November 2014.

Last week [November 2014] I read an article at an Australian online news site that said that 10% of Australians think racism is Australia’s biggest problem. Which I think is absurd, but I had been thinking about a connected issue. Why don’t I see or hear much racism?

It is an article of faith amongst the Left as well as amongst Left-Liberals that all white Western countries are racist. I’m a white man, I’m working class, I’m Traditionalist and I live in a very multicultural area, if anyone was in the epicentre of racist thought and deed you would think I’ll be pretty close. But instead it is very rare to see or hear any. In fact I do not remember seeing any racism at all. People being abused, threatened or otherwise harassed because of their race. I’m not saying it hasn’t happened, after all it’s a big world out there, but I have not seen it.

I used to live in the same house as a Chinese man, I asked him if he felt safe in Australia. He said Australia was a very safe country. He was always out and about doing things and he never told us about any racial problems. Although he did complain about other things, as did we. Last week I was waiting for a bus and a muslim women came out of a females only gym. She felt so safe she was still fixing her face covering as she walked down the street.

As for hearing racism, I have heard more than I’ve seen. But even that is very mild and in recent years I’ve heard less than I used to and even that wasn’t much. When I hear people talking about this subject they make it out to be like every racist comment is a speech by Hitler, when in reality it is most often a single comment. It’s hard to even tell if that’s how the person really feels or whether it’s just a random thought. In short the charge of racism is grossly overused.

Of course the broad Left likes to say that any thoughts of racism are unacceptable, but that’s why most people think they are idiots.

If racism is so rare why do the broad Left see it so often? The main reason is that they think of racism as something different to what you and I do. We think of racism as an action or words that are negative solely or predominantly that because of a persons race or ethnicity. But the broad Left defines racism as anyone noticing that race exists. They believe that everyone is equal and that people should not have any distinguishing features, no race, no sex, just a random autonomous individual. Of course people do have distinguishing features such as race and sex, so to the broad Left racism is everywhere. Everywhere they look they notice people noticing that race exists.

But all this lack of racism worries me, why is it that with such a large change in demographics, racism so quiet? Is this because people are too intimidated? Is it because people have given up? Is it that people are no longer racist?

When I talk to people they are quietly angry, sadly that means passive. I worry that this is the lull before the storm and that this effort to suppress how people feel will lead to bad things and not just in Australia. Traditionalists do not support multiculturalism or mass immigration, but we also do not support mob rule or other extreme methods of fixing the problems caused by multiculturalism or mass immigration. That doesn’t mean we don’t have answers, they just aren’t the rule of the mob.

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