BREAKING: Extreme Far Right Extremists Exploiting George Floyd Protests To Fuel Hate


The XYZ has learned that extreme far right extremist groups operating in Australia and overseas have been attempting to exploit the state execution of beloved family man, George Floyd, in order to recruit new members and spread their message of hate.

Bigots have been spreading the conspiracy theory that black people are actually responsible for the majority of violent crime and hate crimes, despite being a minority of the population. More alarmingly, white supremacists have been sharing dozens of videos of black people violently assaulting white people.

The biggest danger posed by these extremists is that they are actually working to present a coherent political platform to the public, undermining establishment attempts to present them as a fringe movement.

An international security expert has told The XYZ:

“The sharing of multiple videos of so-called “black-on-white violence” may dangerously undermine the narrative of historical white oppression against people of colour which the entire world media has uniformly presented. Revolutionary non-passive action which challenges white privilege is vital if we are to prevent white people from working together as a cohesive unit.

“We must not allow white people to challenge The Narrative, otherwise they may actually fight back against us, dashing any hope of exterminating them.

“During these difficult times when everybody is socially isolated from each other in order to tackle Covid-19, the most significant threat since World War 2 when the nazis tried to take over the world, people are obviously getting frustrated. They are on the internet and using social media more, which means they are more susceptible to fake news. People are unable to think for themselves, so it is vital that we ban from the internet anybody who counters The Narrative.

“We’re not saying that the people making this content are violent themselves, that would be obvious slander. A more nuanced, libel-safe view is to suggest that somebody who reads information which discredits The Narrative could go out and do another Christchurch. Thus we are able to taint all political dissidents with the same extremist brush.

“Wait is this thing on…..”

It’s your XYZ.