ABC praises terrorist Antifa, wants to bring Race Riots to Australia


How good is this?

Pow. Right in the kisser. The state should round up every member of the media to punish them for their treason against the native European people of the West. So, this is a good start.

The media claim they are the victims, and characterise the riots as legitimate protests against a so-called racist system, while deliberately ignoring the pattern of African violence toward white people in these riots.

This violence is racially motivated.

The media has been instrumental in creating the environment which allows ethnic and anarchist-communist terrorist groups such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa to exist, who have now been unleashed by their masters. They have done this by cheerleading for mass immigration and multiculturalism, and promoting the conspiracy theory that non-whites are victimised by a white system, a complete inversion of the truth:

Having paved the way for their existence, the media now takes the side of the terrorists:

Here in Australia, the ABC is promoting terrorism thanks to your own money:

They have even interviewed a terrorist from the terrorist network Slackbastard about Donald Trump’s intention to label the terrorist organisation Antifa as a terrorist organisation:

Australian writer and antifascist researcher Andy Fleming said it was difficult to say how involved Antifa was in the current protests in the US.

He said they could be providing legal support, bail funds, medical assistance, attending protests, producing reportage, publishing analyses and seeking to expose far-right attempts to infiltrate and capitalise on the protests.

“In general, anti-fascists are supportive of the protests against racist police brutality,” he said.

“[But] to characterise the protests as being constituted by or taking place at the instigation of anti-fascists is radically mistaken.

“These are genuinely popular mobilisations, in which African-Americans, whether or not they identify as ‘anti-fascist’, play a leading role.”

This is deliberate spreading of fake news. Any so-called “far-right” groups which could possibly oppose this madness on the ground have been systematically demonised by the media and dismantled due to lawfare. Slackbastard and Antifa are communist terrorist networks deeply embedded in the Australian media. They are funded and supported by the state and globalist entities and they are capitalising on a crisis which the state, the media and globalist entities have created.

The World Wars of the 20th Century were sparked by the racial conflict endemic to multi-racial nations and empires, and they led to the communist enslavement of Russia and Eastern Europe. After the World Wars, the communists’ Liberal fellow travellers pushed the idea that nationalism caused the conflicts and used this to undermine the racial homogeneity of every Western white country. In enacting policies of mass immigration and so-called “European integration” purportedly to prevent future conflict, they are recreating the exact conditions which directly led to the World Wars, but on a much larger scale.

Multiculturalism and mass immigration are supposed to cause conflict. We are now seeing the culmination of 75 years of a patient white genocide.

The terrorist-supporting ABC has stoked racial division in Australia for decades, and now it is attempting to provide the spark to bring the race riots here:

Predictably, their ABC is attempting to contextualise this in a pattern of alleged historical racial injustice:

The deep anguish felt after the death of George Floyd is something Indigenous communities understand all too well, except here, they are still waiting for their moment of international reckoning.

The response in the United States to the death has been enormous, thousands taking to the streets to protest against the death of black men in the custody of white police officers.

But it was even bigger than that, the social media outcry has been impossible to ignore, George Floyd’s death was noted by millions around the world.

For many it feels like a moment of awakening, of a struggle realised, but it’s a bittersweet scenario for Indigenous families where similar issues are at play but with none of the global attention.

And sure enough, terrorist organisations here in Australia are planning their own race riots:

My advice to Real Australians is to be patient, to organise and to train. The instruments of the State have been set against Australians who just want their country back, and now they are mobilising their zombies army of Certified Victim Groups against us.

As demonstrated by the videos, the only way you will defeat them is side by side with your brothers.