They are not going to leave you alone: Why ethnic separation as a survival strategy will fail.

Sydney Cove Port Jackson 1788 by William Bradley. Source.

The Golem

The idea of ethnic separation as a survival strategy is a popular one. Separation is now being regularly promoted as the preferred approach by a sizeable proportion of those who would describe themselves as, or could reasonably be described as, White ethno-nationalists. And, while I am clearly going to disagree with separation as a viable solution to our impending demographic decline into minority status in formerly majority nations, that is by no means intended to disparage those who promote separation as the answer. Of those that I am aware of, the vast majority of pro-separationists come across as highly articulate and intelligent individuals with a genuine love and care for our people. It is just that I genuinely do not believe that this strategy is going to work, and in this brief paper I would like to state why I think that is so. But I do so in a brotherly spirit of mutual respect and gratitude for the contributions of my brothers and sisters in the White Nationalist movement, where ever they may be upon this earth. May God keep you all safe from evil and help our people to survive the challenges that we find ourselves facing these days.

Stated in its briefest terms, the reason that I argue that ethnic separation will not work, is not because we, White folk, are incapable of making it work. Far from it. History has shown that there is little in our way that cannot be made to work, shifted if it won’t work or outright destroyed if it will not shift. The problem is not us. The problem is them. Who am I referring too? Am I going to force you to wonder through a collection of euphemisms? Sad oblique references to the Freemasons, or the Illuminati? Is it ‘The Globalists’? Well, yes it is, but that is a euphemism isn’t it? No, I am referring to the Jews. Not the Zionists, though most of them are. Just the Jews; both collectively and individually. The lot of them. They have made a point of sticking together so tightly for so long that I am going to oblige them, and not let a single one off the hook. It’s the Jews stupid!

Is it the Jews alone? Well, no of course not. Did you ever notice how lazy people, and especially those averse to a bit of manual labour, seem to always put themselves in the company of the willing? So it is with Homo Erectus Parasiteus. It doesn’t like to get its hands dirty, so it almost always acts through proxies. The Jewish population is simply tiny by world standards, and particularly in contrast to their extraordinary levels of wealth, power and influence. Such a people have no option but to magnify their capacity by acting through the agencies of other more numerous groups. And their favourite mule is you, the White man. We are their nearest competitor and their greatest opponent and threat, so it stands to reason that to the greatest extent possible, the Jews have woven themselves into the fabric of White society and made themselves as indistinguishable as possible from real Whites, all the time maintaining a rigidly separate Jewish identity. So, for that reason it is mostly non-Jewish White people who occupy the ranks of the global elite, with Jews being no more than a grossly over-represented minority. But make no mistake, it is they who are against us, and the White elites who go along for the ride are just useful idiots. Their numbers are steadily falling out of the global one-percent club as each year goes by. Just look at the ratio of Jews in the Forbes Rich 200 List year after year. It is mostly Whites, but the Jewish minority slowly grows. So, yes it’s the Jews, but they act in concert with their useful idiots in the White elite and through the many others that they buy with their unrivalled wealth.

Returning to the proposition that Whites need to separate themselves from the other races and ethnic groups that have proven themselves impossible to live with. As stated, there is nothing that says we cannot do it, but if you think that the Jews are going to just sit back and watch a strategy like that be unpacked and set up right before their eyes, you are in for a shock. They are not going to allow it. What makes anyone think that they are going to be so stupid as to not consider separation and its consequences for them? Again, they are not going to allow it. They are going to take immediate steps to undermine it, and they will in all likelihood succeed. Why they will succeed is because the strategy itself is not a strong one. Sorry to have to be the one to say it, but separation as a survival strategy is well, not a very good strategy.

Edward Roper – Gold diggings, Ararat, 1854. Source.

Here’s why.

One of the most commonly expounded models for separation is one whereby an agreed or decided upon proportion of a country is marked out as the geographical boundary within which an ethnically homogeneous group of Whites will live, work and govern themselves autonomously. There are numerous variations on this idea. In some models the ethno-state is one of the states of a federation; in others it is a city or region of a state. The possibilities are probably only limited by geography, but the idea is essentially the same.

The problem with the idea of taking an agreed part of a whole nation and attempting to build one’s ethno-state within that area is that, a priori, what exists in the other regions of the country; those regions or parts of the nation that are left to the ‘others’ or to a state occupied by a multi-racial society is going to be self-evidently representative of some of the key attributes that have caused Whites to want ethnic separation in the first place.

Chief among those differences is going to be the fact that while a White ethno-state is likely to have an immigration policy of zero or neutral immigration, or immigration restricted along ethnic lines, just over the border, in multicultureville there is a high probability that they will have a far more liberal immigration policy and one that is universally open to all persons regardless of ethnicity. The implications for two states placed side by side with such differences in immigration and residence or citizenship qualification is that the multi-racial state is almost certainly going to grow in population at an exponential rate compared to their neighbours. Non-white ethnic cultures and fertility rates are only likely to exacerbate such a situation.

If a White ethno-state that is well regulated and governed, and that is able to manage its population levels in a controlled manner, finds itself living beside or indeed even surrounded by a multi-cultural society that is already of a significantly larger population, and which either does not or cannot control its own growth, both via natural birthrates and liberal immigration policy, then it is going to create a massive threat over time. There will be a large population of under-resourced non-Whites living cheek-by-joule with each other, while just over the border will be Whitey pruning his roses behind a white picket fence. How viable is that? How long before cross-border crime becomes a major issue? I would dare say that the pressures and disparity would simply continue to build until they can no longer be held, after which the dam will burst, and with tragic consequences.

And remember, that the whole time that the above described demographics are building up against your ethno-state, Shylock is going to be creeping around behind your back using every trick in the book to bring your social experiment down hard and fast.

Truly, this is a losing strategy and one that is doomed to failure in any form before it ever gets started. It is in essence a fortress and siege strategy that was proven to be lethal in the middle ages. Or, to put another way, it’s like taking your people and huddling up one end of a deserted island while the pirates party and scheme your downfall at the other end of the island, while all the time more of their friends keep coming ashore. You know how that is going to end, so don’t do it.


Not one backward step.

We in Australia are uniquely blessed with being the only nation on earth to own and occupy an entire island continent. Yes, I am aware that the Marxist infiltrators in the Australian education system have taken to promoting the notion that Australia is not really a continent, but rather it is Australasia that is the continent and this includes the South Pacific Continential Shelf. All that can reasonably be said is: bollocks. Australia is Australia. The smallest continent and the largest island in the world. We know what it is, and so will those pesky Marxists when we ship them off the island.

Just to reiterate what was said earlier: If a monocultural ethno-state is situated in close proximity to a multi-cultural and multi-racial globalist state, it is obvious that the mono-cultural ethno-state will have the smaller population. Whether it starts as the smaller nation or the larger, invevitably it will end up being the smaller of the two states as a reflection of their different natures, characteristics and corresponding public policies. This outcome would appear to be unavoidable.

In an idealised world the two states would come to an arrangement where they would co-exist in their respective states; borders would be maintained and cross-border movements of people and goods and services would be regulated to the mutual satisfaction of the two states. There is no reason why cordial relations would not be created and maintained…in an ideal world.

Unfortunately, we do not live in an idealised world, we live in the real world. We know enough now to be certain that the multi-cultural model of society has not worked in the past, it is not working in the present, and it will not work at any time in the future. This is because, like unstable chemical compounds, the neccessary elements of the liberal democratic multi-cultural society, once combined will develop towards an increasingly unsustainable buildup of social and economic pressures that will mean that the system either expands to an even larger size as a way of deferring the inevitable collapse, or if it cannot expand it implodes upon itself. In either case, as a model of society, it must in the end collapse.

As an ethno-state of smaller population and higher living standard, you really, really must do all you can to not be near that thing when it explodes, but if you are sharing an island with them, well, forget it, you are not going to remain unaffected by the fallout, and in all liklihood your society is going to be destroyed. So, stay away from them.

Obviously, sharing an island with a high-immigration, multi-racial, high crime and socially dysfunctional other State is not going to work, but let’s say for argument’s sake that the other State is not like that. That they adopt a more conservative and regulated social model with the intention of creating long term prosperity and economic and social sustainability. Imagine if you like, two different ethno-states, or even a group of more stable states, all sharing an island together. would it work? Well, it would certainly have better odds, and the peace would last longer, but I do not beleive that the peace would last. Show me an example where this works? I can think of a few where it does not. Ireland being the oldest example, but there is Cyprus too, and don’t forget Britain itself – peaceful? Well, yeah…now that everyone else has been hacked to death. In general, separate States, regardless of their political and social structure rarely are able to co-exist peacefully within a geographically limited area for very long before conflict arises.

Opting to ceed part of an island’s territory to an alternative State for the reason that the two groups felt so divergent in their world views and perceived interests that they felt a compelling need to separate is simply asking for trouble. And it is worse in the case of Australia, because we are coming from a starting point of total and absolute soverignty over the entire island and all its external territories.

Only a few decades ago the Australian people were a homegenous mono-cultural nation of people with complete and unchallenged control over the entire country. There is no way in hell that I or any other nationalist worth their salt is going to be entering into any arrangement to accommodate any alternative State within this island.

Quiet frankly, war would be preferable as the option with the higher chance of providing a future island home for our children and their children. I hope it does not have to come to that, but if it does then that would be preferable to ceeding sovereignty over any part of this island nation of ours.

Therefore, the only separation that will work is geographic, because ultimately it is geography that defines the parameters within which military strategy can be conducted, and a nation is only ever as sovereign as the territory that it is capable of taking and defending from all-comers.

Those who would contemplate the creation of a separate ethno-state within anything less than the entire country of Australia need to acknowledge to themselves, that what they are also contemplating, is the giving over of sovereignty to an alternative State and probably a people other than the Australian people.

You are talking about giving away part of our country.

There can be no room anywhere on this island for an alternative State to the nation of Australia. If people do not agree with the continuation of the sovereignty of the Australian people over their entire island home, then those people need to leave the island. And, any ideas about setting up their own little nation within our nation ain’t gona be tolerated. It’s simple: fit in or f—- off – love it or leave it.

Closing thoughts.

If the Australian people are ever forced to give up our ownership of this island, we should make a point of leaving the the place just as we found it.

If any Australian wishes to grant sovereignty to any foreign people for the purpose of that people making an alternative nation upon this land, then let that Australian first take a trip up to the New Guinea highlands; travel up the Kokoda track from Port Morseby until they reach the Australian War Memorial at Isurava and then also go to the Australian War Cemetary at Bomana and stand there in front of the rows and rows of headstones of dead Australians, many of them barely out of their teens, and get ready to to tell them what you are planning on doing with our country. Light a cigarette in the ANZAC tradition and gently place it down somewhere where it can burn down slowly – that is the old Australian tradition of giving a smoke to the fallen mates. While the smoke drifts into the air just be silent and stand before our war dead, and listen. If you are an Australian, I can guarantee you, the bloody hair on your head will stand on end as you feel them standing there around you, staring right at you. Now, what was it you wanted to say to them?