The Estimate of the Situation Part 1: Ethnic Australian Identity

1918 football team of Australian soldiers in England – WW1. Source.

The Golem

To be correctly understood, things should be stated in their briefest possible terms, so that only the essential elements of the problem are clearly laid bare for inspection. This Estimate of the Situation attempts to do just that in a series of brief postings.

Part 1: Ethnic Australian Identity

1. The Australian people have a unique ethnic identity that has developed over the past two-hundred and thirty-two years since British colonisation of the Australian continent.

2. Australian ethnic identity, as it has existed from 1788 up until the start of the post WWII period, can also be clearly defined along racial grounds. Even though there are exceptions, it is also a scientifically provable fact, based on DNA science, that the Australian ethnicity that developed from 1788 onward is of North Western European racial heritage. There are exceptions, where Australians of long lineage in this country are not of North Western European heritage; quiet a few in fact. However, the vast majority of those people are still descendants from races native to other parts of Europe; in particular Southern Europe and the Mediterranean region of Europe. A small minority of ethnic Australians have a non-European racial heritage.

3. So, that is who the Australian people are: a distinct and unique ethnicity, drawn almost completely from people of European race, and predominantly people of North Western Europe, with a large minority of the population drawn from other European peoples, and a very small minority of non-Europeans.

4. The fact that a large and growing proportion of the Australian population is not of Australian ethnicity does not change the fact that the rest of the population most certainly is.

5. So, that makes clear what the term ‘Australian’ means. It is an ethnic identity; not a passport or a birth or citizenship certificate. Such documents are merely indicative evidence of Australian identity without being conclusive evidence of that identity. Such legal documents, by and of themselves, can never be the actual identity because that identity resides in the DNA and historical lineage of the individual person. Australian identity cannot be bought or conferred by declarations or documents any more than can Japanese or Zulu identity, and to attempt to do otherwise is to abandon the scientific method out of deference to a politically correct legal and social fiction.

6. This is exactly the situation we find ourselves living with today. But sayin’ it don’t make is so. We have been living within a political regime for several decades now that has conducted a passive-aggressive campaign to convince our people that they do not exist as a unique people within the world, and that they are nothing more than the sum of the other parts of the world. This is a lie, and it was told predominately and foremost by Marxist academics, and then later by their brain-dead socialist followers and then still later by a generation of well-intentioned but ill-informed dupes across the general population, just as the Marxists had intended.

7. Getting this issue right and clearly understood is critically important, because without a certain and clear identity to defend and preserve, then nothing is sure to follow on from there. And re-establishing the fact of Australian identity is of vital importance because to do so meets and blunts the first stage of our enemy’s plan – to convince us and the world at large that we don’t exist and that we never did. If our enemy succeeds in that, then they will move to the second phase as sure as night follows day – they will start to make the lie into a reality by pushing us out of existence: socially, economically, culturally and finally, physically.

8. This is how genocide works. We know that is how it works because our enemy has made one more big mistake; they have been making a few in recent years. They have spent years and years drumming on in classrooms all about genocide as it applied to their own elites; not realising that being force-fed so much on the subject, we would become adept at recognising its early signs when we saw them, even if it did not apply to the examples that they preferred to give us. We can see clearly that the early warnings of genocidal intentions are now all pointing directly at us. Dear enemy: thanks for the heads-up.

Part 2 to follow.