It turns out that women can have it all


So here we have a tale of another messy divorce that ended up in front of a judge. As men we know what the outcome of the judgement will be, and it won’t matter if the judge is a man as opposed to a woman. The wifey-poo will get the cash and prizes and the kids, while the husband and father will get to pay for it for the term of his natural life. Nothing to see here, folks; move along, move along; go back to your homes. Oh, you don’t have a home anymore? Well, gee – that’s too bad I suppose. Sucks to be you. Lolz.

Pretty standard fare for the last 40 years, in other words for our entire adult lives. This is what we know. This is what we have lived, first as children of such a tragedy and then as adults when our own families and homes have been dismantled in front of us. Can’t get any worse, right?

Hold my beer.

In an unusual divorce case, a woman has been awarded not only half of the assets she and her husband owned, but also a large payout for potential earnings she would have earned had she never given up her career to have children. The judgement in London could have dangerous implications for future marriages ending in years to come, thanks to a court ruling over “relationship-generated disadvantage.”

A judge used the term to explain why a woman was being awarded a payout from her husband of 10 years for sacrificing her career as a solicitor. The couple share two children, both of whom the woman cared for full-time.

Life is about choices and sacrifice. That is if you are a man. However, if you’re a woman and you manage to land yourself a man and avoid a life of cats and loneliness then you not only get all of the prizes on offer, you also get prizes for the things that you missed out on during your journey of marriage self-discovery.

In this case, it seems, the woman really can have it all.

What makes the decision especially egregious is that the divorcing woman was not only awarded £400,000 for her supposedly stymied career, but also half of the £10 million she and her husband had in assets. The husband is also a solicitor. One would assume the splitting of assets would prove suitable compensation for one person’s career ‘taking precedence’ over their partner’s in a relationship, but now that is not enough.

The judge was a man. As a professional white knight this decision must have caused him to rub himself all over with blue whipped cream in a frenzy of self love at his slavish devotion to the feminine imperative. What a good boy he is, this blue pill judge to end them all.

This decision won’t affect the ex-husband too much. What’s 400K when you’re dividing up ten million? No, where this will truly have a devastating effect is when the precedent is brought to bear on people further down the economic pecking order, where an extra bunch of cash could wipe out anything that the ex-husband has left after paying off the lawyer vultures.

It’s just one more arrow in the heart of marriage for men in this day and age, which is exactly as it was intended. Modern society is all about making women immune to the consequences of their actions. No woman can ever be inconvenienced in any way, at least those women who are ex-solicitors who gave up their career of 95 hour weeks of drudgery to get to stay home and hang out with the kiddies. You get paid the same after all. What a blessing it is to be a part of the upper class matriarchy.

Tread carefully out there, lads. It’s a minefield.

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