Just silly: Cafe coronavirus joke sparks Twitter backlash


You may not care a great deal about race, but race cares about you. Eventually, one way or another, we find that out. Coronavirus cares about race. And sex. So much so that Chinese men are far more susceptible genetically to it than anybody else on the planet. Barring bats, I think.

The coronavirus smashes the Marxist narrative that race is a social construct, and it is triggering a switch in many people’s minds, otherwise known as instinct. Our human instinct is to prefer our own family and our own race over outsiders, and to notice when one group of outsiders is more susceptible to a deadly virus than others.

You might even call it a survival instinct.

To the left, the desire of humans to keep living has routinely been problematic, because it unravels a century of Marxist programming in an instant. Hence why humour is strictly forbidden.

From the Huffington Post:

As racism hits Australia following the coronavirus outbreak, a Sydney cafe has apologised after it displayed an offensive sign that sparked a wave of backlash on social media.

Casanova by Cucina 105 in Liverpool, in Sydney’s south-west, had a message written across its front display board on Friday that read, “The coronavirus won’t last long because it was made in China!!!”

That is genuinely funny. Naturally, the owners caved very quickly:

In a provided statement, the cafe’s management said: “To Everyone, Casanova Café give our sincerest apology for the quote that was posted in our quote board on the 31 January.

“It was not our intention to offend anyone, it was a gross misjudgement on our part, and we understand that it was insensitive and we sincerely apologise. The proprietor was not aware of the contents and was not at the premises on the day due to other family commitments.

The statement explained that “the sign was immediately taken down and the individual who authored the quote has been reprimanded and disciplined”.

“The proprietor was gutted, very shocked and upset when he was informed of the contents of the quote board, particularly as he is of a migrant ethnic background, and employs Asian staff.

“We at Casanova Café stress that we unequivocally reject any form of racism, it should be noted that our business operates in one of the most multicultural areas of Australia and once again sincerely apologise for the offence that we have created especially to the Chinese community Casanova Cafe.”


Just like authorities in China, the Liberal establishment in the West is scrambling to contain the outbreak of noticing. People are noticing that it is Chinese people who are catching coronavirus, and why, and we are noticing that coronavirus is spreading to places in the world where Chinese people live. We are noticing that diversity is not our greatest strength.

To them, race realism is a virus. They want us to abandon race, a core component of our identity, so they can herd us like cattle into identity groups which only they define so they can heal the world and rule over us for our own good for their benefit.

When weaponised through humour, race becomes the most dangerous pathogen on the planet. Unlike coronavirus, race wasn’t made in China, and zombies all over the West are waking up.